007 book you would like to see get adapted for cinema


Ah , those Christmas stories, Buon Natale Mr Bond, The Naughty List, etc, etc, some real gems I agree. Those were some days.


I’d agree 100% on the first 3 Gardner books,
they’re well written and have plenty of classic Bond moments in them
I have a real love for Licence Renewed as it came out just as I was beginning my Bond fandom,
but of the 3 I’d say Icrebreaker is probably the best

I actually haven’t read any of the Gardner or Benson novels in years
was thinking about actually re-reading those in order this year


Though I grew up a Bond fan, the late 80s/early 90s was when I clicked from a casual fan into a fanatic. I also began reading the Gardner books at that time and found them a great way to fill the gap between movies.


Zero Minus Ten, because I want Bond in Australia.

Union Trilogy, although it would have to be modded a bit

The Man With The Red Tattoo


There are definitely set pieces and moments in several of the books that lend themselves to cinematic embellishment. That said, I would imagine EON isn’t interested in optioning the rights to any of these books and they seem to be hesitant to embrace them as source material. That said, perhaps things are changing; we saw a concept from Colonel Sun find its way into SPECTRE, so perhaps that chasm between the film series and the continuation novels as source material is closing.


Yeah, that gap between LTK and Goldeneye was brutal; I remember buying multiple versions of the VHS releases and devouring the books during that period just to keep the Bond-love alive.

I also agree that EON won’t ever film a continuation novel wholesale; I think they like the idea of there being


I’d have to say that Carte Blanche would adapt well to the modern Bond films. Dubai and South Africa are ripe for cinematic Bond. I am not at all a fan of the Benson Bond books. They are too well tied to the Brosnan films and really the worst parts of them. I enjoyed For special Sevices, but for whatever reason, it’s the only Gardner entry I’ve ever read. Parts of Trigger Mortis and Devil may Care could work too.


Put me down as another for a proper Moonraker. I really don’t know why the original was lost in the '79 film version: a nuclear missile aimed at and landing on London is chilling. Also the final moments with the submarine would be epic.

I might be alone on this but I’d also love to see a book-version of Live and Let Die too. There is much in this we’ve never seen ever: the brutal Bond opting to be merciful to Solitaire, the shark attack etc.

And I’d fully support the first three Gardners…


All of them…

…Ok, they did CR and OHMSS justice, but the rest? Pfft…

I know, i know FRWL is a pretty near perfect movie and no i don’t want to see it remade. But how much greater it would’ve been if it had the nerve to stick to Fleming’s masterpiece with the first 3rd set in Russia and featuring Bond only via a dossier as the target. And of course having Rosa Klebb actually spike Bond with her Brother’s Grimm poison shoe and ending with Bond collapsing… Dead? To Be Continued.

Oh well! Top of my list has long been YOLT, followed by introducing Bond 7 with Fleming’s prologue for TMWTGG (Brainwashed Bond returns from being MIA the past year to MI6 and tries to assassinate Bond.

Perhaps they borrowed from this for SF, but only marginally - not enough to make the proper adaptation of this prologue moot.

Bond’s convalescence after failing to kill M is a perfect way to give the new actor a contextual device to enact the Bond tropes as he slowly recalls who he is. The audience would get a kick out of seeing this unfold - it’s too good an opportunity for a soft reboot to miss out on.


007 in new york