A soft reboot of James Bond Video Game Music Enthusiast (JBVGME)

Hello there fellow 007 fans and enthusiasts out there, I’m here on this site to reboot a long almost forgotten thread that got much traffic compared to other Bond related topics in honor IO Interactive’s new 007 title.

It was once called “James Bond Video Game Music Enthusiast (JBVGME)” were many fans of Bond discussed and shared their resources of finding music from various Bond games like GoldenEye N64, Nightfire, Everything or Nothing, and Quantum of Solace to just name some that were most talked about.

Now to start things off, I’m looking for anyone who has the music cues from Everything or Nothing from Jeff Tymoschuk’s old website which no longer has them.

Everything or Nothing Track Listing:
Train Chase
Train Fight
Helicopter Chase
Big Truck
New Orleans
To The Rally Car