Argyle (Matthew Vaughn and Henry Cavill, 202?)

Marv studios making another spy series, again with Matthew Vaughn directing. Cavill and Samuel L Jackson are currently the only cast from other Vaughn productions (No Fletcher, Flemyng or Strong!?!!?)

I find it interesting that there was almost a world where Casino Royale had that byline


Does anyone have any details on the book? Nothing on Amazon nor Google.

It’s not out till next year.

Conway’s debut thriller is scheduled to be published in a major launch in 2022 by Transworld Publishers Ltd, a division of Penguin Random House.

That’s all I can find on it.

Orion, that’s all I found as well. Hoping for some sort of blurb…

Looks as if that debut novel was sold simultaneously to publisher and Hollywood. Happens from time to time, everybody’s out to discover the next big thing.


Going by the “major launch in 2022” - it’ll be next year…apart from…

Very interesting. That cast is pretty amazing!

This could be interesting

Can’t find anything online about the book or the author. Really interested in reading more about the book.