Bond 25 production pictures (Spoilers)


Tiny update from Baz…(scroll past all the Downton Abbey stuff) Looks like Jamaica IS going to be a filming location (:smiley:) and all the Norway stuff we’ve been seeing will apparently tie in with the pre-title sequence. It makes sense that a splinter unit would want to be heading to Norway as quickly as possible before the snow melts away… :grin:


Retired Bond lazing about Jamaica would be awesome. And I’d like to see beach/jungle in the Craigverse. I wonder if they’ll film at Goldeneye? That’s the big question.


So, cold and heat… SPECTRE´s spectre looms wide…

But I really like the idea of CraigBond returning to DR.NO´s playground. Maybe Blofeld will not hide in Japan but on a tiny island called Crab Key.

As for the tidbit “the script´s still being rewritten” it gives credence to the whole complete rewrite rumor. A simple polish would have been achieved in time for the March start date.


(Fingers crossed) “please no more Blofeld, please no more Blofeld…”


Jamaica is interesting. Quite tricky logistically so presumably some decent incentives being offered. I really think they must be aiming to film at Goldeneye too - would be too perfect not to.


I agree, it would be the ultimate tipping of the hat. Would seem fitting for Craig’s last film.




I hope 25 will turn SPECTRE into an exposition…


Wow, got so excited that i’d seen Baz’s article first and posted… in the wrong thread, doh!

And of course you chaps are already well on the case…

If it’s PTS, then it’s sounding to me like they are indeed using the OHMSS coda as the pre-titles of Bond 25 (hey, i suggested it a few years back on the old forum :blush: ).

Why? Because the location relates to Swann’s past (young Swann casting)…
Also it’s been rumoured somewhere that she’s not in the whole movie…
And finally it’s the PTS…

It all adds up in my mathematically illiterate brain to her quick demise being the story’s inciting incident, bringing Bond back to work in order to hunt down the killers.

Then again there’s significant filming in Jamaica…

Principal filming will take place in Jamaica and at studios in the UK. The latest version of the screenplay is still being written.

Again that also fits with a retirement scenario which undermines my theory above, perhaps?! Darn it!

Or maybe Malek is Dr No himself. It’d be a bold, perhaps pointless move to redo it. But maybe at last we’d see the un-filmed assault cause and giant squid. Not to mention a slightly more compelling fire breathing monster. All very doubtful, but fun to speculate!


That actually brings up something I never thought about before - I know we’ve talked about whether or not we would like a remake, but how about just bringing back an old Bond character like Dr. No or Goldfinger in a story other than their original one? Technically that’s what we’re doing with Blofeld after all…


It not at all out of keeping with Eon’s MO of taking whatever they please from Fleming’s opus in order to get the next script locked. And i’m sure the audience would welcome the return of such characters.


My dream location is Goldeneye - however if you go to their website and try to book a room, basically every date is open through the summer save but a couple. It doesn’t feel like anything is shooting there based on that… :sleepy:



Eon loves them some Italy…


Well, Spectre does, two of its operatives having homes there having been the reason for visiting the last 2/3 times (QOS use being a continuation of CR’s final scene)

Maybe Blofeld has negotiated his way into house arrest? (Only half joking)


Is it possible the PTS takes place in two different regions of the world considering both articles reference that?


There’s a thought, if It’s a flashback would Madeline’s home be the estate from the end of Casino Royale? I seem to recall Mr White looking out over a lake…

That filming location was Lake Como.

This time of year Hell will freeze over before Lake Como does, but could she, in the film, be running out on that lake?


We know the lake she runs out in is the one in Norway because that info was in the application for filming there…


Was it said it’s set in Norway?


They are filming the running into the lake scene at that cabin in Norway. It could be set someplace else, sure.