Bond 25 production pictures (Spoilers)


That’s what I’m saying, given the Canada scouting, it seems to be that the frozen lake is the relevant part, not Norway, so I’m thinking it’s meant to be the same location as either White’s home in CR or his one in Spectre. Or maybe Mr White just REALLY likes a lake side view.


But… we see what the location (cabin) looks like and it isn’t one of the houses in CR or Spectre… unless I’m misreading your post?


Has it been verified that the Norway shoot is a contemporary setting (as well as a flashback/dream) ?

I think it has to some extent, but may have misremembered. If not, then could Norway be entirely flashback/dream that Maddy is having now, in their Jamaica retirement pad?

Nice detective work :clap:

Is it possible that it’s mainly interiors, shot in studio, with ext. requiring the actors being minimal (perhaps those couple days that it’s booked) ? With a few lovely landscapes thrown in which could be shot almost anywhere in the general vicinity.

I’m thinking definitely not the one in CR; surely they wouldn’t stand Norway in for Como. It could be the SP cabin, but needn’t.


Like I said, they’d have to if they wanted the lake frozen. TBH I’m leaning toward Mr White just really likes his lakeside views.


Well then, sounds like that’s where we’ll be seeing our PTS play out. Interesting. Maybe Bond is with Madeleine laying low in southern Italy when the past catches up to them both. I personally love the Italian influence of the Craig films. Italy is consistently beautiful, so it always adds to the glamour quota in my book. So it sounds like Italy, the U.K., Norway and Jamaica are our locations. Sounds good to me. Jamaica is the big question mark still as far as I’m concerned. I wouldn’t be surprised if it doubled for somewhere else.


We really don’t know. We know a child actor* needing to look like a young Lea Seydoux has been cast, and we know the Norway scenes have a young girl running onto a frozen lake, but we really don’t know for sure that the 2 are connected.

*On this point - other Bond websites and social media pages have posted a pic of the girl they cast along with the school she is currently attending. I think it’s wrong for such personally identifiable information about a 10 year old girl to be made public, so I hope CBn doesn’t follow suit…


I’d second that. We don’t need to be identifying information about a 10 year old online.


Well i’ve no knowledge whatsoever of 20th century architecture in Norway, but from the photos the cabin doesn’t scream to me that it’s particularly modern. Could easily have been around in the 1990s. So it’s still up for grabs that Norway is entirely flashback/bad dream. So both Norway and Jamaica could plausibly be PTS.

Contrasting the two in one scene would aesthetically be pretty pleasing. Also, there’s the notion that Bond’s brought her as far from that place as possible to keep her - make her feel safe. Then it’s a horrible wake up call when the bad guys nevertheless find them.


The report posted by yellow-pinky suggests that the PTS will be in Italy. So maybe Jamaica features later?


Ar! Ohhh K, then! Sorry for my senior moment - think i’m finally up to speed.

So variety says PTS are in Italy and Baz says they’re in Norway… I still think Norway could be simply the setting for the dream/memory that she’s having in Italy. Looking, as has been pointed out so astutely above, that the CR Como house may well be their retirement pad.


PTS could be multiple locations - LALD took place in 3 countries…


Sounds accurate. My belief now is that Norway is a flashback, but that the flashback may not actually be set in Norway. The PTS involves Spectre agents tracking down Bond/Madeliene in Italy and results in Madeleine’s death, setting off another “this time it’s personal” revenge story and that Blofeld will feature at some point. Maybe the castle of death will be Goldeneye.


Touche. TSWLM also featured 3 locales I believe: the Arctic Ocean (for the capture of the Ranger), Moscow, and Austria.

Also, I believe LALD featured 3 locations, but only 2 countries: New York and New Orleans are both in the US, and San Monique.


Yeah, I should have said locations, not countries.

It’s funny when you think about it - CR took place in Prague and Pakistan, which sounds like some cool globetrotting action, yet in actuality it took place in an office and a bathroom :slight_smile:


For God sake they posted her school? What the hell is wrong with those idiots?


The Pakistan sequence was longer, but much of it was cut out. The extended version included Bond stalking Fisher through a cricket stadium, before ending up at the bathroom. I can understand why it was shortened though. The longer sequence would’ve detracted from the grittiness and violence of the scene.


I suppose it’s possible the pre-titles could include a Norway flashback and Matera in the current day, and both reports could be right - but I’m leaning more towards the Norway option at the moment. Matera could still be the opening action sequence.

I’m trying to think of a way that they could work together. I agree with the idea that the PTS will probably include both a flashback and Madeleine’s death. The death would lead naturally into the titles.


Just for the sake of a talking point, I’ll post a thought that crossed my mind but quickly disregarded as I don’t see EON considering it for much longer than I did;

What if the girl isn’t a young Madeline, but we’re getting a massive time jump and she’s Bond and Madaline’s daughter - Bond as a father being the big idea Boyle and Hodge had, but EON didn’t want it long term, just a PTS where Bond loses her and Madeline.


The thought had crossed my mind. I’ve never understood the gunshyness when it came to the idea of Bond and younger folks being in the picture in some capacity. I think a lot could be said about the culture of violence that surrounds Bond, and the life that awaits him should he truly decide to walk away for good. Additionally if they’re going to go all in on Bond and Swann it would make sense for them to have a kid. I don’t think if they go that route however that they should kill the kid. That’s a cheap move. And Bond going out for revenge should Madeleine bite it at any point would undercut the lessons he learned between Casino and Quantum. A moral reckoning would be interesting, especially in the vein of whether he chooses to continue the cycle of killing or find another path, but that all may be too much for popcorn entertainment, particularly Bond, which is you know…kinda centered on the killing.


I like that idea over the flashback ideas, mainly because we have seen modern cars with a stunt driver (we assume) at the Norway location.