Bond 25 Spoilers (production pictures & videos)

Haha yup - I’d only add that while EON are in it for money, I think the fact it is their family legacy and their lifeblood as well keeps them from making some of the more craven decisions that have been made with properties owned by studios over the years (ie: if MGM owned Bond solely it would have been bled dry by now) - so it is a remarkably good thing that it has remained a family business and retains some sort of independence from the machine of Hollywood because of it


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Starting the production in a place where language is an actual hurdle adds to the drama of it all…

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In other news, one has to admire how Raymond Benson is still trying.


Christ :joy:

A new video from Norway:

I saw this last night, any chance someone can translate anything of significance?

Only way is tyoing everything into Google translate by hand. I just learned that Norewgian has some similarities to German and a bit to English. My original guesswork wasn’t that bad, but far fom correct.

Heck, those guys are inexperienced. We want signs or parking permits that have “B25 production” on them. That would at least be some kind of confirmation. But as we don’t get any of this, the summary is: No news.

Spy production in progress
These days the recording of the new adventure about agent 007 -
We will believe in the delicacies of guards who have turned the iron ring - around the fragile film set in Nittedal.
Along a two kilometer long forest road inland from the main road at the bottom of the forest at Langvatn
in Hakadal in Nittedal municipality of Akershus, several barriers with guardians have been set up.
If the James Bond recording is in progress, we ask, as we roll in the narrow road.
Yes, smiles cheerfully, and reports to the next barring, yes, -
red Toyota can continue.
Next bar opens the boom, watch with walkie talkie waving us further.
At the fifth lock, guard is uncertain.
We are from Dagbladet, we explain. Drive down and park on the right is the answer.
There, but no longer.
You can’t stand here. You block the Red Cross, they are on standby in case someone gets hurt, -
-we get informed.
We move the car.
Then we are greeted by a security guard who picks up his boss.
I don’t think you can be here …
The boss doesn’t believe. He. know.
You can’t be here. You have to go all the way back.


Yeah, there’s nothing concrete in the report. Hell, back in 2006, I was in the Bahamas while CR was filming. Driving about there were these large orange arrows labeled “EON” at some intersections pointing in whatever direction. I’d like to see something like that crop up in these reports.


Says you must be a subscriber to read…so…someone that is please translate.


I’m starting to find the possiblity that they’ve now started shooting in Norway without a script really depressing.

All these years of waiting and we could end up with another half baked QoS.

I like QoS, but I don’t doubt that a movie with some really good bits could’ve been a really great movie, had they been able to finish the script properly.

I said above in producer’s defence that a script is never really finished until the movie’s cut. But that’s not a licence to shoot unfinished scripts.

After reading that Michell interview I fear history repeating and feel pretty pessimistic about this enterprise.

And how do you know the script isn’t finished? The Ben Whishaw interview (where he confirmed he was in it, but hadn’t seen a script yet) was conducted whilst doing press for Mary Poppins Returns (as it drops at one point)

That film came out Dec 21st. It could’ve been recent, but also could’ve been last year. There is too much we don’t know for worry or making decisions.

I don’t necessarily find this information troubling. The last 2 Mission Impossible films both filmed with unfinished scripts and they turned out excellent. It really comes down to 2 things: the strength of the story and the director. Rogue Nation has more or less the same story as Spectre and both filmed with unfinished scripts. The sum of RN’s parts were vastly stronger than Spectre’s and McQuarrie was able to do a lot more with the individual pieces to put together a satisfying story. Mendes, on the other hand, was a slave to specific story beats that he refused to let go (or someone did anyway) and thus his incomplete script was not stitched together in a satisfying way. He had several story bits and some pretty lame set pieces that he had to fit together, none of which worked together. It’s especially sad when they pretty much feature the same locations and even both have a London set finale. But pretty much everything in Spectre was done better in Rogue Nation. QoS had the same issue, though that film featured essentially a first draft script and a director who was way too artsy for Bond. The story was disjointed and felt like it was trying too hard at world building. Forster spent too much time designing his lame title cards and refusing to hold the camera straight. On top of that, during 2 big action set pieces (the Siena foot chase and the Tosca scene) he made sure to include as much of the horse race and opera as he did the actual action with Bond. This is where I hope CJF differs. I hope he doesn’t hold rigidly to failing story beats and actually makes sure the action services the plot. It’s why the potentially incomplete script doesn’t faze me.

I don’t! I find the possibility troubling.

And after reading Michell’s interview it seems possible.

So… yay, a new Bond film has started shooting! Sort of. Probably.

Press was alerted six days before the Press Conference for SPECTRE, by the way. Two days before it was also announced on Twitter. So…

He was very lauded for his excellent single shot shoot out/chase in ep 4.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he tries to top that with another single shot sequence in Bond.


That was such a good episode, so tense that single shot stuff.

I loved it in the PTS of Spectre (even if it was in reality, multiple takes stitched together) but the end result looked fantastic.

Looking forward to a more dynamic camera with CJF.

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