Bond 25 theme song


Sting’s It’s Probably Me is a great tune - always make sure it’s in my shuffle list (although my new fave Sting track is The Last Ship - the lyrics and their delivery, considering the subject matter are sublimely witty).

One of my all time favourite tracks that i never tire of hearing is the Phil Collins solo instrumental Droned.

The way (for me) it conjures a rainforest is incredibly atmospheric (i could imagine it being inspired by the William Freidkin masterpiece The Sorcerer). Whether this was intentional or not i’ve no idea - probably not - and i hope never to find out, since these mysteries are what give such tunes their timeless quality.

There’s also the Genesis instrumental The Brazilian from the Invisible Touch album that’s pretty nifty; unwise to play in the car unless one’s insurance premium is of no consequence.

An instrumental for Bond 25 would be great if it were as edgy, dangerous and catchy as Barry’s OHMSS - a tall order. Perhaps a collaboration between Arnold and Hans Zimmer?! I loved the latter’s work on Blade Runner 2049 and The Dark Knight and with Arnold around to keep it ‘Bondian’ they could well nail it.

Btw, i much prefer the 80s Genesis sans Gabriel…

Likewise i’m a fan of Gabriel’s solo work post Genesis - His ‘pop’ throughout the 80s and his endeavours well beyond. His Real World label has produced some truly awe inspiring work, not least Gabriel’s own phenomenal score for Scorsese’s amazing The Last Temptation of Christ. For my money it’s one of the very best scores ever recorded.


The Brazilian is such an amazing instrumental!


Oh yeah: of course. I thought there must be some obvious choice and you’re quite right: it’s him. His stuff leaves me utterly cold, but he’d be the logical business choice I guess. Hopefully they could encourage someone else to write it with him.


Yeah: lazy old David Bowie, eh? If he’d only put an album out in the last couple of years he might be regarded as a bit more ‘up to the minute’.

It’s high time they got Prince to do one, I say.


And after Prince, we can get Amy Winehouse, Elvis, and John Lennon.


Elvis won’t make it, he‘s busy with the Beatles reunion…


I meant no disrespect to the late David Bowie by neglecting a proper adjective for his inclusion in my list. And he did release a studio album two days before his passing on the date of his 69th birthday, so there was no intention of “too old” meaning “lazy”. I merely meant the producers won’t think an artist of that age is hip with the market, and I used ‘up to the minute’ because I specifically remember Cubby Broccoli using that to describe the song “Licence to Kill” with Gladys Knight.

Bowie made a great tune “This Is Not America” for the spy film The Falcon and the Snowman. It would have been nice if he had done a Bond song too. To be fair, the producers did court him for A View to a Kill and he most likely would have done the title had he not turned down the role of Zorin.

I just wish the thinking for selecting a Bond singer was more along the lines of “who would we have liked to have had ten years from now” as opposed to “who’s the hottest artist today?” There have been a lot of missed opportunities when there could be more bold choices.


Bowie could have made a wonderful Bond song - it just wasn’t meant to be.

I really hope EON will push for an intriguing fitting artist, rather than the latest flash in the pan.

Chris Cornell was perfect for “You know my name”, and at that time he was not a mega selling artist.


Oh crap: they wouldn’t ask the Foo Fighters would they? I hope not.


It’s a shame because I thought it would have been fun to have Cornell do the song for Craig’s last to kind of bring his films full circle


I wouldn’t be surprised if Boyle wanted Noel Gallagher.


On that note, Boyle chose Arctic Monkeys to perform at the Olympics Opening Ceremony, so i imagine they’re on the radar


The reason I mentioned Noel Gallagher, is because Boyle and Gallagher almost made a musical film together in 2004. But there are a lot of bands and artists with a connection to Boyle, like Underworld for example. Band member Rick Smith did the original music for Trance, Boyle’s stage production of Frankenstein, and he was the musical director for the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games. Smith could do a title song, but he could also be the new composer.


Listening to “When I was cruel No.2” I suddenly think: hey, Elvis Costello could do a fantastic Bond song. He certainly is a musical genius, totally versatile and probably very willing to add another high profile movie song to his resumé.

And the EON connection already is there: he did the wonderful song for their “Liverpool”-movie.


I think this could well happen. Perhaps, though it’ll be Alex Turner’s other band The Last Shadow Puppets.

In 2008 they released a single with the very Bondian title: My Mistakes Were Made For You.

As Youtuber’s seem to have commented it sounds very much like an old school Bond theme…

Turner is a fantastic song writer - his lyrics are often so good that they work just as well on the page.

He’s recently said that The Puppets will make another couple of albums, so i wouldn’t be at all surprised if the next contains the theme to Bond 25.


Listened to Skyfall again, really makes me hope that Adele will become the new Shirley Bassey for the Bond themes.


I think they’ve said in public or more than one occasion that they’d love to do it: I could see them turning out a good one (I loved Avation) but there’s something about them that makes me feel it’s unlikely. I always wished their voices were a bit better suited to the style they were playing in.


Gallagher, probably with his band The High Flying Birds would write an absolutely fantastic Bond theme.

They made the track Freaky Teeth back in 2015 and although the title isn’t the best fit (unless Eon introduced a female Jaws… hey, i like that idea!!!) i would’ve been very happy for this to have been a Bond theme:

There was also the Oasis track Masterplan in '98:

Apart from being a wonderful track it’s also very Bond.

Aw, darn it, this has nothing to do with Bond but while i’m talking Noel Gallagher i have to pop this track on for everyone’s enjoyment (it’s the weekend!):

Many will know the track as the theme used for genius Caroline Aherne’s (RIP) comedy masterpiece The Royale Family. This track (and the show) is one my all time faves :slight_smile:

I’d really love to see Gallagher get the Bond gig - seems like a no-brainer and inexplicable that he hasn’t done one already tbh.

Btw, there’s a vague Daniel Craig link with Oasis; the track Don’t Look Back In Anger was used to end the lauded BBC drama Our Friends In The North, which starred Craig, among others.


Gallagher, much like Turner, has been fairly outspoken on wanting to do a Bond theme.


I think the issue there is that an Arctic Monkeys single would far outsell a TSLP single regardless of Bond - so it would be Arctic Monkeys if Turner got the chance - the snippet of their new album seems to point in a Last Shadow Puppets-y direction anyway though so i imagine it would be mostly the same whatever name it was under.