Bond 25 theme song




If we get an Ed Sheeran Bond theme I will cry



Small note - my desire to use that gif far outweighed any opinion I can muster on Ed Sheeran either way


After the Sam Smith one I think I realised that Bond songs aren’t really something that will work for me any more, so fine: use Sheeran. It makes good business sense. I’ll hate it, but it doesn’t matter.


That’ll make at least two of us.


I´m not a fan of Sheeran. But I’m pretty sure that many people would have complained before if they had heard about the possibility of these performers for a Bond song:

  • Tom Jones (WHAT? The “Delilah”-Guy?)
  • Nancy Sinatra (C´mon, her? Why not her father?)
  • Lulu (Who?)
  • Sheena Easton (That vanilla “Morning train”-fluke?)
  • Rita Coolidge (Who?)
  • Duran Duran (Oh, man, no one takes these teeny boppers seriously, they really must try to cash in with the kids)
  • A-ha (see Duran Duran)

Just saying.




Of course all of those songs were written (or in the latter two cases, co-written) by the score composer so the performer is less important.
My biggest issue is that Eon have gone down the road of sending the song out as a whole job rather than having the composer team with a lyricist, write a great song and THEN select a great singer for that song…That system worked for years and led to almost all the most popular and well loved Bond songs, why change it?


I would prefer that, too. Does not seem to be possible anymore these days - probably because the high profile artists most of the time demand to write their own song. Although, Chris Cornell did include Arnold´s tune, too, didn’t he?

In any event, just because one personally does not like the artist does not mean that he/she is not capable of writing/performing a good Bond song.


It’s a great gif👍


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Do not count out Dua Lipa

To sing the theme song to BOND 25 and also be in the movie as a character.

She’s everything the Bond producers want: part British, trendy, young, pretty and can sing.

If I was a betting man, I’d wager decent money on her singing the theme song. Maybe not so much on her being in the movie, but they did it with Madonna…


And look how well that went :wink:

The race is wide open at this point, but Dua Lipa is not my cup of tea; nasal, monotone voice, seems to use a fair bit of voice correction and her music is very anodyne and generic.

That’s just my opinion, though!

Personally i’d like to see Muse finally get a crack at it - their track Supremacy was rumoured to be a potential Skyfall theme at one point, had they not had the bad luck of competing with Adele.


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I want something that’ll really blow me away, yet you can still play it in your car without people giving you a second look. Some of the Bond themes in the past really haven’t aged well, I’m afraid…

We need timeless, especially for Craig’s last film.

I wouldn’t even mind something in the spirit of You Know My Name. In strong and out strong.


Skyfall is my favorite Bond theme. I’d love Adele to do another. Sam Smith’s even grew on me, though, I can’t stand the falsetto. But I personally want another bombastic theme. I’d be totally fine with something like You Know My Name.


In terms of ‘having the pipes’ and strength, if the song was right, let Lady Gaga take a shot. She’s grown past her eccentric/eclectic phase and is open to performing music other than her own. Her performance at the Oscars of Sound of Music changed my opinion of her. But yes, this one has to take it back and go big Barry style for the 25th official film and Craig’s final bow. Just my thoughts. Bring back the flavor and ditch the melancholy ballad.


Songs don´t age - only their production. I don’t mind that, however, and if people look at me weird when I play Bond songs in my car - that’s okay. I can’t stand the dull rap or drum machines of their latest pop handkerchief either.

A timeless song - well, what is that, actually? Maybe a song that still endures as being loved after decades?

For BOND 25 I would hope for a song that is fun and sunny again. The Craig era had enough of the dark, angry and sad variety. I would welcome something more in the vein of “Nobody does it better”.


I would agree, two ballads in a row would lead me to say now go for a change.
The problem is, both of those two sold well, like ludicrously well, in comparison to how Bond themes generally do, so I imagine their new financial backers will push for something in the same vein.

Personally I’d hope for Muse as it might be good as a compromise for power ballads versus something a bit different.


True. Then again, previous big sellers for Bond did not determine which kind of song would follow.

I guess it all depends on the artist and his/her strengths - and what Boyle wants. I remember that Mendes was very hands-on when picking the right kind of song for his Bond films.