Bond 25 theme song


She’s also part Albanian, and rumour has it that EON’s looking for Russian/Balkan actors.

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Considerably older ones…


For the main cast, yes, but that could mean they’re going to need a lot more actors and extras with a Russian/Balkan vibe to fill scenes with those main cast members.

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You don’t put casting notices out wide for those roles - you cast them where you’re filming because equity is very strict on the production has to cover all costs if they’ve asked the performer to be there - it’s why everyone outside the top 5 cast members in Star Wars is a Brit.


Still, there is a solid logic to LeChiffre’s point. If there story requires balken/russian cast and/or locations then Dua Lipa becomes that much easier to plonk into the movie to attract the fans and press.

Sad, since i find her songs painful on the ears. She’s the reason i’ve left many a clothes shop prematurely, despite there being something i’d intended to buy.

She’s an Amy Winehouse-alike with none of the talent for writing, nor any of the depth and soul in the her voice. Picking her for Bond is pure and simple pandering to the kiddies and imo that never works out well.

With such great talent out there picking Lipa is pure popularism and marketing over quality.


They arn’t going to pay for her to fly out to the location unless they think it’s necessary for the film - so the question is; Are Boyle/EON going to consider a cameo by Lupia to be worth the costs of travel, housing and any other expenses. Madonna was a bit different in that two of those were going to be covered by the fact she lived locally, can that be garunteed with Lupia? not being a pre-teen girl (big audience for Bond there) I have no clue.


See I can’t even get her name right.


Wow, travel and digs are concerns on the small stuff I work on, but I’m amazed such costs would alter plans on a mega-million squid production like bond.

I just assumed that if they wanted her the flight and hotel for a few nights were trivialities, but I guess I’m wrong!


It’s always an issue when you’re paying for that many things. Do you want to be the guy who says “We can’t cover the insurance for the stunt sequence you wanted after the singer in for a cameo needed a deluxe suite for her full enterouage” I’d argue more so when it’s your first film with new major financial backers.


lol. While I would like to claim to be an inside source, it was my speculation only…

But as it turns out, I can be pretty good with speculation sometimes. Blind squirrels finding nuts so to speak…


The Hollywood philosophy is to ditch the stunt sequence if it means getting extra publicity, so I’m happy if Eon are the exception to the rule.

Bet that doesn’t sit well with the demographic chasing studio execs.


I just don’t see them going back to that kind of attention seeking that they worked so hard to get away from after DAD - also, does anyone actually think EON are convinced that the shelf life of this particular pop sensation is going to so much better than her ilk that she’d be hired before cast or even having a script that’s locked for locations.

Sticking to how much I don’t believe this rumour makes it seem like I’m really against it. I’m not. All Time High is the only Bond theme I havn’t liked at least somewhat, and even that I admit fits the sort of film they where making, so if it is this new wonder-twin (apologies for such a nerdy reference) is singing it, odds are I’ll enjoy it too.


Agreed - excepting the “All time high” bashing.

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Wasn’t even bashing that, it does fit perfectly with the relationship that Moore and Maud Adams display.


You mean a tune corresponding to the late summer/late autumn-romance… :sunglasses:

Strangely, when OP opened and I got the soundtrack first, I also was disappointed - I thought it was kind of over inspired (copying) MOONRAKER. But with passing years I fell in love with that melody. And now it represents for me the kind of mix of light melancholy and tongue-in-cheek fun Bond was all about during those days.

I would love to have a Bond song go for that kind of feeling again.

No dance floor Dua Lipa-song for me, if I were asked. Which I will not be.


I began to like it after heaving the Pulp cover of it on DA album. I enjoyed it more, but The larger scale version allowed me to appreciate why Barry went for a more intimate style to complement the Bond/Op relationship.

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This reminds me of the scene in Ted with Mark Whalberg where they’re making fun of “All Time High” but also sort of honoring it.




This is MASSIVELY self serving according to the patronising note (that would get get a broken nose if not automated)…

…but as I’m rewatching Skyfall, with it’s very traditional theme, I do wonder, what kind of theme would people like for Bond 25?


Something like Steven Wilson’s “Song of I”

Listen right to the end to get what I mean.


Being Craig’s finale (maybe?!!) it’d be nice to have some continuity.

That could manifest as either a bit of metal/rock on the wavelength of You Know My Name. Or having Adele back.

I think it’s time Muse finally got the nod (Supremacy was fantastic). But maybe it’s worth saving them for Bond 7! So my vote/bet is on Adele.

If CJF has a say I’d imagine he’d want something haunting and cool (judging by True Detective and his wonderful music choices in Maniac. His taste and skill in matching music to image seem akin to Lynch and Kubrick.

My dark horse (as in not got a chance, but I’d love them to do it) is Fever Ray.