Bond and you..Yes...YOU!


Triad did not publish Moonraker until 1982. The Christopher Wood novelization was still available.


Ha! You are absolutely right! it WAS the Wood novelization I got, how could I forget that!


That was the funniest thing I’ve heard about a bad ex since James Spader’s Office character described his as “a monster that crushed my dreams and stole my forties.”


My story is nowhere near as interesting as some of yours but it may just be as convoluted…

I was born in early '72, when Diamonds are Forever was still new and on at the cinema for the first time 'round. Obviously I didn’t go to see it - much less know what James Bond was - but it was a movie that marked my intro to the idea of James Bond.

A few years later I heard my Grandmother mention that James Bond was going to be on TV, and that it was the “best” - my family’s favourite - Bond: Sean Connery. Clearly this James Bond guy was something pretty special to my family and I wanted to know more. No, apparently I was not allowed to stay up and watch “Diamonds are Forever” but they did tell me that it was the one they saw when I was a baby. James Bond was to remain, it seemed, a mystery to me. Well, for a little while anyway…

Some time later, during a trip to the cinema, I noticed that one of these James Bond films was on and could I see it? No, my Mum told me, Moonraker is not suitable for you. But it looked so awesome and so did the title! I was despatched to see "Can’t Stop The Music" about The Village People instead.

Not long afterward another James Bond was on TV and this time, being a little older, I was allowed to watch it.

Therefore my first Bond film was Dr No and has remained one of my favourites ever since. In fact, like Casablanca or The Magnificent Seven, it is a film that I will always sit down to watch whenever it airs, despite how many times I’ve seen it.


Just recalled a Bond moment I experienced many years ago. It was November 1999. I was a senior USN Lieutenant serving as Combat Information Center Officer/Assistant Operations Officer on the amphibious assault ship USS PELELIU (LHA 5) operating off the coast of East Timor as part of the Australian-led peace-enforcement mission, Operation Stabilise. I received word that my father-in-law had passed, not unexpectedly, after a long illness, and I was granted emergency leave to attend his service in Norfolk.

After a ride to East Timor on one of our USMC H-46 helicopters, I awaited a ride to my next destination, Darwin. After hanging with a group of very cool Ghurkas, a RAAF C-130 landed at Dili’s airport for the flight to Darwin. Being one of the senior officers on the aircraft, I was invited to the cockpit for the flight. When I got up there, the first thought that came to mind was, “Wow, this is a lot smaller than what was shown in The Living Daylights.”


I was born in 1990, a time I know now that was somewhat ‘in limbo’ for the Bond franchise. My earliest memory of Bond was watching GoldenEye and then my brother and I got a Nintendo ‘64 to share for Christmas that year… games included Mario Kart and GoldenEye. This was and still is one of the best games ever created. I would always play as Bond during multiplayer, and my brother would be Xenia, much to my mothers confusion - haha!

Since that movie and that game, I was hooked. I had my first part-time job when I was around 15 and I saved for a long while so I could buy the Bond box-set, which by this time only went up to ‘Die Another Day’. I then asked for a portable DVD player for my birthday so I could watch the movies where ever I went! I would then spend nearly all of Saturday in the local book shop where I would buy books such as ‘James Bond Encyclopedia’ and ‘James Bond - The Legacy’. I purchased the original novels from eBay and collected the stamps from Flemings centenary year.

No one else my age, understood the obsession! No-one else apart from you guys really understand now! For me, Bond encompasses a lot of good memories from my childhood. Unfortunately, much of this time was tarnished by fear and violence from my father towards my mother, so Bond was my way of escaping. And what a wonderful place to escape too!

I owe a lot to this franchise.


It’s taken me a while to dip into this great topic but here goes:
Born in Ireland, I was introduced to" The Saint " by my Grandfather, who adored the novels he used to say that when I was older he would introduce me to world of 007 !
I emigrated to Canada with my family in 81 and my Grandfather gave me Simon Templars Jaguar and a Citroen emblazoned with the 007 logo.
My first Bond was FYEO IN CANADA !!! Massive seats, the greatest sweets ever! and my father and I.
We moved back to Dublin in 83 so my Grandfather came to Octopussy with us and a tradition was born.
He gave me my first Bond novel to coincide with TLD release ( 11 was grown up enough) FRWL I was hooked , it felt properly grown up unlike The Saint which became something childish to me. As a teenager I dressed in second hand suits ( out of choice) and couldn’t really share my passion for 007 with any of my mates, who didn’t really get it.
Movie tradition happened every movie , now joined by my younger brother and as I moved away from home no matter where I was , I would find a way to see 007 with my family. I should say also my Grandfather, upon my graduation gave me a beautiful copy of OHMSS as present which I read yearly.
My Grandfather passed after GE and now my boys are added to the tradition.
So a film and novel series about a childless, cold assassin oddly is the thing that reminds my most in this world of family.


My Bond story is a strange one really, I was born in 1975 and when I was about two or three years old a bond movie was showing on t.v that night and apparently I kept quiet, glued to the telly even watching the romantic scenes and even insisted (probably by pointing and screaming) that I watched it until the last title rolled up at the end!

When I was about 4 or 5, I can recall a couple of bond films being shown on either ITV or BBC on Sunday afternoon and I would watch them with mum. I recall after every film they would show a preview of the film being shown next week and I recall seeing the trailer for OHMSS and being confused by the change of actor! I can recall owning and playing with the lotus underwater matchbox car and the moonraker shuttle. Cutting out the back of a shredded wheat box as it had a 3D picture of the jungle chase scene on it, and owning a toy of the car and horse Box complete with mini plane! I recall seeing the advert on TV for NSNA and wondering why “that bond” was back! I know my step dad hired both octopussy and NSNA from the video shop. I’m not sure which one came out first, but I recall watching NSNA and wondering why the theme tune wasn’t there and thinking that there was something not quite right about the movie in general, but I do remember thinking the motor bike chase was a copy of street hawk!

I shall write part two later if any of you are awake and wish to read my further ramblings!


I started watching when I was really really young so I can’t remember which one I saw first. I always enjoyed them very much but something changed when I saw the trailer of Die Another Day ( I was 14 by then ). That car flipping over on the ice, damn that was cool! So I rushed to the nearest video rental store and picked up a copy. I am not kidding when I say that I saw that movie every single day for a month. As I grew older I don’t enjoy DAD as much as I used to. The second half has way too much flaws that as a teenager I could overlook…

Thanks to DAD I started to look for other Bond films I hadn’t already seen… Apparently there were still quite a few including a classic like From Russia With Love.

I even based my wedding date on James Bond. We got married 07/07/2017 :slight_smile:

When we got home from the wedding my son wanted to see some television before going to bed. He put on the television and, I kid you not, Dr. No was on!

I am not religious or anything but what a coincidence! First James Bond film on the television on our wedding day that was chosen because of Bond…

They show quite a lot of Bond on the television here in Belgium but they almost never show the old ones but that day they did :smiley:


I saw some Bond films on TV in the 70s. I passed a second hand bookshop on the way home from school every day and picked up the books second hand over the space of a year. I’d read all of Fleming’s Bonds by the time I was 11. Seeing TSWLM at the cinema that same year I started reading the books really had me completely hooked.