Bond and you..Yes...YOU!


Triad did not publish Moonraker until 1982. The Christopher Wood novelization was still available.


Ha! You are absolutely right! it WAS the Wood novelization I got, how could I forget that!


That was the funniest thing I’ve heard about a bad ex since James Spader’s Office character described his as “a monster that crushed my dreams and stole my forties.”


My story is nowhere near as interesting as some of yours but it may just be as convoluted…

I was born in early '72, when Diamonds are Forever was still new and on at the cinema for the first time 'round. Obviously I didn’t go to see it - much less know what James Bond was - but it was a movie that marked my intro to the idea of James Bond.

A few years later I heard my Grandmother mention that James Bond was going to be on TV, and that it was the “best” - my family’s favourite - Bond: Sean Connery. Clearly this James Bond guy was something pretty special to my family and I wanted to know more. No, apparently I was not allowed to stay up and watch “Diamonds are Forever” but they did tell me that it was the one they saw when I was a baby. James Bond was to remain, it seemed, a mystery to me. Well, for a little while anyway…

Some time later, during a trip to the cinema, I noticed that one of these James Bond films was on and could I see it? No, my Mum told me, Moonraker is not suitable for you. But it looked so awesome and so did the title! I was despatched to see "Can’t Stop The Music" about The Village People instead.

Not long afterward another James Bond was on TV and this time, being a little older, I was allowed to watch it.

Therefore my first Bond film was Dr No and has remained one of my favourites ever since. In fact, like Casablanca or The Magnificent Seven, it is a film that I will always sit down to watch whenever it airs, despite how many times I’ve seen it.