Bond’s 70th Literary Anniversary

I have the Penguin set. They’re my favourite covers that aren’t the original first editions.


I created this thread with the hope of getting to share great news. I feel like I failed in recent news. Sorry everyone! Hopefully as this year goes on, things will get better.

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Overall the UK versions aren’t bad-looking.

Is that a snake on the cover of TMWTGG? I guess it’s been a while since I read that one, but I don’t usually associate it with snakes?

I am somewhat relieved that I don’t find these appealing at all since I’m the kind of sucker that would have bought another set if they looked cool.

I think I’m happy with my black and white paperbacks and Folios (that is, unless they ever reprint first edition artwork in hardcover).

I agree, the 70th anniversary UK covers are better than the U.S versions which look very basic and uninspiring. The aforementioned Vintage Collection does nothing for me either. To me, they look cheap and plain. I wouldn’t get either of them.

However, these new UK covers, while not the greatest, are not bad either. There’s just enough to them to be good and interesting. And the more I look at them, the more I like them, but they aren’t as good as the old Pan paperbacks or the Fahey covers which were awesome.

But having said that, with these new additions being censored, I won’t be getting them either.

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I have to say, these UK covers have grown on me. I quite like Dr. No (especially), FYEO, Thunderball and TSWLM. I did actually like the LALD cover but now I can’t get past the irony Arbogast777 pointed out!
Casino Royale is undoubtedly my least favourite of the covers.

I was a big fan of the 2012 “There is only one Bond” paperback covers, those were the last that sucked me into re-buying.