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June 13


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Ands in just nine short years, Connery would reach his peak:


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From IFP:

To our agents in the field,

“Goldfinger took out his driver and unpeeled a new ball. He said, ‘Dunlop 65. Number One. Always use the same ball. What’s yours?’ ‘Penfold. Hearts.’”

Today marks a full 65 years since the first publication of Ian Fleming’s novel Goldfinger. A tale that revolves around of some of the finer things in life beginning with ‘G’ (gold, golf and Galore, Pussy), Fleming’s seventh Bond story features perhaps the most famous game of golf in literature.

In celebration of its anniversary, the team at Ian Fleming Publications have partnered with Penfold, the iconic British golfing brand, to create two products that celebrate Fleming’s love of the sport.

Featuring both a golf journal and a writer’s pouch, both are designed with functionality and style in mind, whether you’re using them out on the green before cocktail hour or at your writing desk in Jamaica.

As you know, James Bond has a handicap of 9. Perhaps these tasteful new products from Penfold will help you do even better.

Agents should also be aware that new audio recordings of all of Fleming’s original works are in progress, and are being published this year in the US by HarperCollins. A UK release will follow in early 2025. The first title from this project to be released was You Only Live Twice, read by Eleanor Matsuura, and two more titles will be coming out very soon.


To our agents in the field,

The countdown has begun to June 6th. All our operatives should all be aware of the upcoming paperback publication of Agent Charlie Higson’s bestselling Bond adventure On His Majesty’s Secret Service. Originally written at breakneck speed in time for the Coronation of King Charles III last year, the upcoming paperback edition features a revised beginning and ending. Not only that but it also includes some exclusive extra insights that were extracted willingly from the author. Once again, all royalties from sales of the book will go to the National Literacy Trust.

Sartorial elegance has always been of the utmost importance to us, so it was necessary to produce a special edition of the book that would befit an agent wearing a dark blue raincoat or black and white dogtooth suit. With that in mind the special edition features exclusive sprayed edges and is signed by Charlie Higson himself. With a limited run of 200 copies, it is available to pre-order now exclusively through the IFP shop to addresses in the UK & US.


Dear IFP, thank you for once again excluding the rest of the world from yet another special edition… :-1:


And it has already sold out

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