Bond's New Flavour - what to expect in BOND 25 and after

Give Dame Shirley another take to round out Craig’s run.


I’ll second this

I’ll 3rd Bryce and Agent 76. How I wish Dame Shirley could belt out one more.

As far as Craig doing one more, it is on the block. I thought the ending of SPECTRE was perfect for Graig’s outtro, but, alas. Once more…, into the breach we go.

We have seen Craig’s 007 evolve from a beginner to a seasoned veteran of the service. The story arc will receive one more entry.

Dependent upon choice of director, and the writing of Purvis/Wade, this will be a wrap of epic proportions.

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Would that they would. It’s all about selling the single to the kids.

If they didn’t do it for QOS when they had a track recorded (I don’t buy the notion that it wasn’t completed in time, IMO Arnold was instructed to say that to save face – THEIRS), and a strong one at that more befitting the movie, they won’t do it now.

Well, my prediction of Sheeran was predicated on his cleaning up at the Grammys, but since he was the big snub in the top categories, I think you may very well be spared a Sheeran Bond theme LOL.

I share your opinion.Personnaly I’m afraid the next outing of Craig will be the same as Connery in DAF. Between disillusion and parody. A fresh new actor with a real desire for the role could be a safer option…


Instead of screaming about Bond being a woman, how about supporting The Rhythm Section when it comes out so it has the opportunity to become a Bond like series? Do these people not hear how sexist it sounds to claim women can only be successful if the role was made for a man? Maybe ACTUALLY support women!

Bond is a straight, white male, which triggers a lot of people these days. Bond is neither black or a woman. The latter especially makes no sense whatsoever. I echo what Christoph Waltz said: leave Bond alone and go tamper with something else. Make your own franchise.


In all fairness though it must be noted this idea is by no means new: Lorenzo Semple jr, when first tasked with an early days Casino Royale script, felt the character was so poor he wanted to change him into a woman. That of course long before Bond’s public profile was anywhere near where it is today.

BB only gave the typically and correctly non-committal answer which naturally is exploited by the mirror as a shock but really does not indicate anything but EON still being capable and willing to keep their asset in the headlines.

Imagine any other answer and the ensuing shitsorm. Of course, BB answers anything is possible.

As for Bond becoming a woman - that would not be James Bond anymore, obviously, but any other agent of the female sex.

As for Bond being portrayed by a black actor - that would be no problem at all, only for traditionalists. Elba is unfortunately too old to start as Bond but he would have been spectacular.

As, indeed, Elba himself has said several times.

A straight up adaptation of Moonraker, with Kenneth Brannagh as a modernised Drax

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I agree! In fact I suggested this very thing 5 days ago in the ‘Bond 25’ thread.

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Moonraker is my favorite novel. Greatly enjoyed rereading it over the holidays. Gala Brand needs to be brought to the screen properly.

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About the “after Bond 25” subject, I talked recently with a friend about the performance of George “the other fella” Lazenby… :wink:
Well we think honestly David James Gandy, if he really can act as correctly as Lazenby for a model, could be a tremandous James Bond. His face reminds us Tim Dalton for the eyes and Clive Owen for the rest with the intense swag of Pierce. It’s pure fantasy of course.

The job is done…the bitch is dead.”

By the cut of your suit, you went to Oxford or wherever. Naturally you think human beings dress like that. But you wear it with such disdain, my guess is you didn’t come from money, and your school friends never let you forget it.”

Interesting looks for sure; no idea about his acting. Perhaps our other Who-do-you-want-for-Bond-7? thread would be the place for this suggestion:
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Indeed ! My mistake ! Thanks.

Each Craig Bond film gradually increased the familiar tropes and personality traits of the cinematic Bond. CR/QoS had the raw recruit. Skyfall introduced Moneypenny, Q and the DB5. And by SPECTRE, the universe was fully established, complete with a lighter personality and more gadgets. It makes you wonder if they continue with this template or they go full circle with a rawer, more serious Bond.

Brilliant! He can re-grow his Hercule Poirot mustache to match Drax’s equally outlandish facial hair as in the book.

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