Citadel - Amazon Prime Series

Watched the final episode, and at the end they had a preview for the next batch of episodes titled Citadel: Diana. Looks like a different group of characters in the Citadel universe.

Can they let the poor woman rest in peace?!?

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Judging by the previews, I don’t think they are referring to the late Princess. I think the main character is named Diana.

I actually liked season 1. It’s not “caviar” and it can be a little sketchy at times (snow skis materialising from the sole of a boot and some dodgy CGI here and there). But the cast is fairly decent and it entertained my spy-movie/series craving needs.

The elephant in the room…Richard Madden…I see a Bond there sometimes but then I don’t anymore.
I think the age in him wouldn’t be a problem cause he seems to have a body of an early 30 y.o. but he already has a lot of baggage that makes him not “low radar” and usually that’s where they look.