Deathmatch 2021: The Last Gasps

With Semi-Finals tighter than Marie’s bra when Bond is brutally assaulting her in the name of entertainment, one vote deciding both, the fallout (hopefully only metaphoric) leaves one as surprised as Marie when Bond brutally assaults her in the name of entertainment.

Hugo Drax, for the second year in a row, fails to go the distance. Stuck for an aphorism, his flamboyant gameplay proved no match for Sanchez’s route-one brutality. And machete. After a mixed tournament, SIlva squeaks through into the Final again and may be the favourite, but as all these chaps are in the business of upset, who can say? You can? Speak up darling, I can’t hear you.

Turd-place Death-Off - for the glory of Third Place

Does anyone remember third?
  • Scaramanga
  • Hugo Drax

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The Final - This is The End.

  • Silva
  • Franz Sanchez

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The Hamilton/Mankiewicz Bond was not the nicest guy you’d ever meet…