Deathmatch 2022: Villains - Quarter-Finals

Voting ends 7 June

  • Klebb & Grant
  • Silva

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  • Goldfinger
  • Scaramanga

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  • Drax
  • Zorin

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  • Dr No
  • Largo

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I chose: the evil duo, Goldfinger, Drax and Dr. No, because for me they are more iconic villians, but I like the others too.

  1. Klebb & Grant
  2. Goldfinger
  3. Drax
  4. Dr. No

We’re the same! @jamesb007nd

I chose them because I just find them menacing than the others, and really captured how Fleming wrote them.
They’re the villains that comes to mind when talking and thinking about Fleming original villains.
When it comes to Drax, it’s Lonsdale’s performance that impressed me, he’s such a great actor to balance the menace and fun.


I couldn’t have said it better (actually I can’t, my English is not that good :wink:).


Is it TB Largo, or NSNA Largo or a strange hybrid ? A chupalargo…

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Good question, but only the Eon films in this. Otherwise there would be an uneven number for the initial groups (contriving a reason to leave CR67 and NSNA out)

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I was musing about a side deathmatch …
There are, potentially, :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:16 different James Bond performances
4 from Connery
3 from Moore
1 from Lazenby, Dalton, Brosnan, Sellers, Niven and the chap from Northern Ireland .
And 3 from Craig.

Tenuous I know but …

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