Deathmatch 2022

First, much gratitude for all your work from your jisden or man cave or Bond secret apartment.

Being a geek, I think that the data we have created offers some fascinating insights, along with members reasons for voting as they do.

As for future categories, how about gadgets? Little Nellie vs. Invisible Car?

Ejector seat vs. voice changing machine


Here’s some suggestions Jim (of course, the trick is having to try to pick the “best” one from each film):

  1. Gadgets (either including or without vehicles)

  2. Vehicles

  3. Chases

  4. Fights

  5. Kills

  6. One-Liners / Bon Mots / Quips

  7. Supporting Casts–Performances as a Group (i.e. M, Q, Moneypenny, Tanner, and Felix–maybe even Frederick Gray and Gogol)

  8. Villain’s Lairs

  9. Stunts

  10. Versions of James Bond Themes

  11. Film Scores

  12. Gun Barrels ( :grin: )

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Single best stunt, 1 per movie, has to be real, dangerous and exciting.
Trailer… which is the best trailer…

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@Jim in the next round, I’ll suggest if there’s a game to choose for the best title that doesn’t involve any Double O’s.

I know there are titles that doesn’t involved any O letters or O letters that would make a 007 logo.

O-O-O Double O Seven, there’s some titles that doesn’t involve any Os that would make Bond, an Oh!

Live And Let Die
The Living Daylights

Can you think of another titles that doesn’t involve any O letter?

Best “battling armies” finale: US Army vs Goldfinger’s forces, Navy frogmen vs SPECTRE frogmen, ninja army vs SPECRE volcano security forces, Draco’s mob vs Piz Gloria guards, US and UK submarine crews vs Liparus crew, US Space Marines vs Drax’s astronaut army, Octopussy circus girls vs Kamal Khan’s guards

Bond’s least impressive mode of travel: DAF three-wheeler, OP hot-air balloon, TLD cello case, DAD parasail

Best performance by an animal (:Max the Parrot, Slot Machine-playing Elephant, Gibraltar Monkey, Junkanoo Leak-Taking Canine, stuffed sheep’s head)