Deathmatch III The Songs: Last Verse

Join in, as the fat lady wanders onto the stage.

Third place sing-off

You Only Live Twice v Nobody Does It Better
  • You Only Live Twice
  • Nobody Does It Better

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Live and Let Die v You Know My Name
  • Live and Let Die
  • You Know My Name

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I do like Live and let die especially the live version in which Paul McCarthy tries to outrock the Guns & Roses version and too be honest he manages that easily, his vocals are better than Axl Rose’s


Well done, CBn’ers. I agree these are the best four songs in the series.

Nobody Does It Better beats You Only Live Twice for me, and although the final is close, I went for You Know My Name. I’m new here, but I noticed the way you did the groups, round 2, quarter finals etc. and that’s really cool! (like some sporting competitions). Love it.


Welcome to CBn, @006.

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