Debating TV shows


Still… I apparently am too old for this now.

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It’s a fan joke, but I couldn’t not share.


A couple of weeks ago I tried “Penny Dreadfull” again. Years ago when the dvd of season one was released on dvd I bought it and watched it, but I didn’t realy liked it a lot. So I never bothered to watch the rest of the series.
But when I came across the dvd again, I thought: “Let’s try it again, maybe it’s not so bad after all!”
Now I realy liked it and I I quickly ordered and watched the other two seasons.

Wow! What a great TV series and what a pity that it had to come to a more or less sudden end, although I understand the difficulties that the creators were suddenly presented with, to make it happen in a few final episodes.
But what happened to Dracula, he suddenly disappeared!
Or introduce a character like Doctor Jekyll’s and do nothing else with it, what’s the point of that?

I went back to Mr. Mercedes.

While I enjoyed the first episode years ago, I just was not in the mood, preoccupied with other stuff or just plain stupid, but I stopped watching.

Now, having binged the first season, I am absolutely stunned how great this is. First rate actors at the top of their game, delivering incredibly nuanced dialogue. Perfectly directed, shot and edited, this is one of the best Stephen King adaptations ever made.

Episode 7 is devestatingly great and should be taught as an example for storytelling.

The series, like the novel, takes its time to establish the characters, and that might turn off audiences who need their dopamine rush caused immediately with surface action. But those who enjoy stories about complicated emotions, nevertheless set in a genre piece which feels terrifyingly real, can find nothing better.

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Recently started watching The Morning Show and I honestly find that I like it a lot more than the critics apparently. That or I’m just a sucker for Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon.

I also think the critics were unreasonably hard on this show.

I prefer the first season to the second, but I’m looking forward to the third.

Best acting for my taste comes from Billy Crudup.

Billy Crudup is excellent. I love that its hard to tell whether he is a villain or not.

Only Murders In The Building: Season 3

As we approach the ending I have a main suspect


Tobert (Jesse Williams) because I think he is another brother of Ben (Paul Rudd) who kept Tobert around the same way he used his other brother.


I have other points such as the amount of sibling imagery that keeps being put around Tobert, my favourite being the wallpaper that backed the twins in The Shining literally frames him at one point


My biggest clue, however, is one song that keeps being sung




Also Greys Anatomy was specifically pointed out by Meryl Streep…guess what series Jesse Williams is most famous for?

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I’m only 2 episodes into season 3, so I won’t look at your potential spoilers. But man this show is so good.

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I just finished episode 8. DEFINITELY don’t open the spoiler tags before then. I do have 2 episode left so I may well be wrong, but that’s where I’m leaning.

Be interesting to see how close (or very wrong) I was when we get to the end.

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