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Cannibalizing IP. How Netflixian.

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I don’t know much of the details behind the Terminator series, as I just learned about it through this article, but the Ghostbusters series has been in some form of production for a while now, dating back I think as far as the production of Ghostbusters: Afterlife. Considering that the only reason the Ghostbusters franchise even exists as an active property right now traces directly back to the 80s series The Real Ghostbusters, Sony wanting to take another crack at an animated series in that universe isn’t at all surprising.

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I have realised I have lost all interest in Star Wars, so have no intention of watching this, but had to laugh at the caption to this image from the Sydney Morning Herald:

Lightsabers, ponytailed protagonists, forrest/swamp setting, weathered tech set dressing, the generic Jedi robes that have been in every single piece of Star Wars media since 1977… there literally isn’t a single thing in the image that isn’t “Star Wars iconography”. In fact, if I asked AI to create a generic Star Wars image this would likely be the outcome.


Couldn’t make it past the first five minutes because I was bored and realized that Star Wars without the Skywalkers is just not for me.

I would start asking why everyone is now so young and doing kung fu and having no fun at all, just angsty platitudes.

And yes, everything supposedly new is just the same old stuff.

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The full voice cast was revealed in the trailer, this includes Mckenna Grace (Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire ), Toby Stephens (Percy Jackson and the Olympians ), Reid Scott (Veep ), Dan Donohue (For All Mankind ), Gary Anthony Williams (The Boondocks ), Jason Watkins (The Crown ), John DiMaggio (Futurama ), Krystal Joy Brown (Power Book III: Raising Kanan ), Michelle C. Bonilla (9-1-1: Lone Star ), Eric Morgan Stuart (Life Is Strange ), Tom Kenny (SpongeBob SquarePants ), Minnie Driver (Princess Mononoke ), Diedrich Bader (Harley Quinn ), Jamie Chung (Dexter: New Blood ) as Harley Quinn, and Christina Ricci (The Addams Family).

I hope that Mark Hamill can make a voiceover appearance.

Also, happy 35th anniversary Batman 89, and 9th anniversary to Batman: Arkham Knight!


Cool. Batman just works best in animated, longer-form content


Batman: Caped Crusader is looking pretty good. Looking forward to this one.


I’m in! I trust the people in charge.

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Getting more and more interested in this.


The Bureau‘s first season is a fine little French thriller; emphasis on suspense and intrigue. Have to chase down further seasons one of these days…

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After nine seasons of sleuthing, spread over 12 years, “Endeavour” ended in 2023 - and I finally finished the series recently. It started out as a quirky prequel to one of Britain’s crime classics, “Inspector Morse” and each new episode attested to the love and dedication for the original while being decidedly its own thing, set in the late 60s and early 70s, and pretty convincing for it.

The show is chock-full with pastiches, Easter eggs and allusions to the classics of its supposed setting as well as the wider field of pop culture. In “Endeavour” you get JAWS, THE GRADUATE, DON’T LOOK NOW, DOG DAY AFTERNOON as well as THE JUNGLE BOOK, Harold Pinter, Terry Pratchett and numerous others.

That said, you need not spot the references or be familiar with the original 80s series to appreciate “Endeavour” - although it multiplies the enjoyment if you do. But the series is firstly a very good mystery show in a late-60s Oxford setting that’s done quite convincingly. Characters behave largely like you would have expected them to at the time, not like our contemporary perspective would have them.

The characters are actually the secret weapon of “Endeavour”. The entire ensemble from Shaun Evans and Roger Allam to the last bit player is drawn with gusto and detail and the regulars are so engaging we actually care for them and eagerly anticipate their return.

The show was never intended to run indefinitely; the natural end of it was always the original series and Colin Dexter’s books. The aim had been from the start to leave a gap between “Endeavour” and “Inspector Morse” and do it in a way that explains the inconsistencies between the two shows.

I’d say “Endeavour”s final episode tries its best to achieve this.


I rarely watch TV - the set-up here is my office/mini-man cave is here in the hall, the big telly is in the adjoining lounge; mainly I only go in to eat and watch the news, but if ‘The Boss’ is out with her friends, I’ll always find old shows, if only to hear them; ‘Only Fools And Horses’, ‘Dad’s Army’, ‘Red Dwarf’, ‘Bottom’, ‘Father Ted’ etc. I always love to sit and watch ‘Columbo’, making it fairly unique in that I always go in to see it… ‘True Detective’ is one I watch on the monitor at my desk though, as are ‘Project BlueBook’ and endless films…


I really didn’t care.

Wouldn’t be surprised if general apathy for this project had something to do with it being canceled. I remember hearing about this once when they were first talking about it. It never sounded interesting and they never put out anything that might have changed that.

As for my thoughts on The Penguin. Yes, Colin Farrell is a joy to watch as The Penguin. I just hope that the show won’t be required viewing for The Batman Part 2. That’s why the MCU has been a turn off for some people. As I said before, The Penguin is starting to become the equivalent of General Zod in Batman media: overexposed, with little of a new take on it. While not as bad as Zod’s overuse, Penguin has become too predictable for me. He’s also one of few flaws of Batman TAS. In more ways than one. So, while I trust Matt Reeves and company, it’s time for new characters to get the spotlight.

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