Director of Tommy Boy Met With EON for Bond

I was watching Collider Live over on their YouTube Channel and they had director Peter Segal on as a guest. He’s directed The Naked Gun 33 1/3, Tommy Boy, Anger Management and Get Smart to name a few. He mentioned that he once met with Barbara Broccolli for one of the Bond films.

The Full Interview with Segal begins at 1:01:20 but his comments about Bond begin at 1:20:00

Pretty interesting. I don’t recall his name ever coming up before. I’m not sure which film he was interviewed for but I believe it was before Get Smart which came out in 2008. So it was either Casino Royale or one of the Brosnan films. Might have been after Die Another Day when they didn’t know what to do and were taking meetings with a lot of directors to get their take on a new direction for Bond.


He does farce pretty well so my guess is DAD

Or Spectre.

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