Disney and Pinewood Studios


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“Ah…we’ll just build another one”
Eon, every other time UK was out of studio space big enough.

Worrying stuff. I don’t like the way Disney are snapping up everything.

I wonder what this means for Bond after No Time to Die. Another huge hiatus or just business as usual, cast new Bond and bash out Bond 26 ASAP?

They haven’t snapped anything up. They’re just signing a longer term deal to keep shooting there as they have been for years.

If Pinewood is not available I suppose they will just move to other studios for BOND 26. What it means in the long run though…maybe this will lead to other big studio deals with European counterparts, Babelsberg, Barrandov or Cinecitta. Warner already fetched Leavesden some time ago and having such infrastructure at the ready is certainly a big advantage for producers with a constant output. For Bond alone though this wouldn’t be profitable. It’s probably always possible to book soundstage and infrastructure in advance every two to three years.

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I mean, what will Bond do if it can’t go to Pinewood!!!

I mean, it’s not like this has happened before…


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As a James Bond, Disney and the real spy world fan, I NEVER wanted Disney to have the rights to James Bond in anyways at all. Still 999 zillion percent don’t at all. It just don’t feel or look right at all. I hope they are really just signing a long term deal to use the studio for making movies.



Yes, interesting indeed.

Someone needs to stop Disney before they literally have a monopoly over everything. Don’t we have laws in place to prevent this sort of thing?

Thankfully MGM are basically kept afloat by James Bond so its unlikely to happen - I’m not sure how likely BB/MGW would be to sell their part either - and James Bond isn’t really expandable in the same way Star Wars or Marvel is, so I suspect the return on investment wouldn’t be there for Disney to spend big bucks on the IP right now

It’s why they could only buy the entertainment parts of Fox. The news and sports would’ve been illegal.

As for this, I wouldn’t read anything into it, he was asked a pointed theoretical question so as to get a good quote. Also, as the article points out, he bought the entire Marvel company when it filed for Bankruptcy and Star Wars was a dead franchise. Bond and Eon are neither, a fact MGM has been coasting on for 20 years at this point.

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Just so. It was a given he’d respond with an answer that would make the net buzz, much like asking any young actor of a certain type whether they’d like Bond on their CV. Effectively Disney isn’t in need of big acquisitions. Their next step is branching out the streaming department, that will keep them busy for a time.