Drawn to 007 - Dynamite’s new hardcovers and beyond

Well, yes. They are worth it, but the love I have for my own ‘master set’ of well worn signet paperbacks is priceless. The real joy of the Folio’s are the artwork. I never fly without one of my old signet though. They’re my ‘rabbit’s foot’. I did take an old Pan copy of MR with me when I visited Gala.


I’ve always liked the Penguin re-issues from the mid-2000s. The covers are bright and colorful and usually do well to foreshadow the actual story. My love for these though probably comes from the fact that this was when I first read the Fleming novels.


Fay Dalton’s work is beautiful

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I have the complete Richie Fahey set and they are glorious. My favourite covers, hands down.

Boy, AIPT is really giving these Dynamite stories glowing reviews!

Last story before the Graphic Novel hardcover story comes out in August.

Just finished James Bond Origin #9

I’m really digging this new arc, it’s a proper WW2 spy tale.

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I’m enjoying Origin as much as Higson’s Young Bond. It feels like a faithful continuation.

As for the Oddjob arc, it’s decent. I’m most eager to see what they do with



I like how they have him melting the gold dragon. Seems to be in the spirit of the film, where he planned to irradiate Fort Knox. He’s destroying something but in the process making it more valuable.

Boy these people love Dynamite’s work as much as I do! Here’s hoping we hear more on LALD and Moonraker soon!

LALD has a cover and a September release on Amazon, so this time next month, hopefully, we’ll get news when that months solicitations go out.

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Thanks for the reminder! I enjoy Dynamite’s work!


Some artwork from LALD’s upcoming graphic novel. Sadly this will Van Jensen’s last go. :frowning_face: He’s a busy guy elsewhere though. Hopefully an announcement for Moonraker and others in the near future!

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That’s a shame, but given he’s been working on these two since Dynamite got the licence I can see him wanting a change of flavour by this point.

Great work by Baal!

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Thanks to the Diamond Comics site, here are the sollicitations and covers for Live and Let Die and James Bond 007 . No mention of James Bond Origin this month. Whether it means that the series has come to an end, or that it’s taking a rest, I don’t know.

James Bond 007 : Live and Let Die

(W) Van Jensen, Ian Fleming (A) Kewber Baal (CA) Fay Dalton

In this second adaptation of the Fleming novels…
Bond is sent to New York City to investigate “Mr. Big”, an agent of SMERSH and a criminal voodoo leader. With no time for superstition-and with the help of his colleague in the CIA, Felix Leiter, Bond tracks “Mr. Big” through the jazz joints of Harlem, to the everglades and on to the Caribbean, knowing that this criminal heavy hitter is a real threat. No-one, not even the mysterious Solitaire, can be sure how their battle of wills is going to end…

In Shops: Sep 11, 2019

SRP: $24.99

James Bond 007 # 11

(W) Greg Pak (A) Robert Carey (CA) Dave Johnson

“Goldfinger” continues. Infiltration. A mad love. Someone goes unhinged. From GREG PAK (Agents Of Atlas, Star Wars) and ROBERT CAREY (Aliens: Resistance).

In Shops: Sep 18, 2019

SRP: $3.99





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I think fans will be satisfied with issue 8 of the main Bond line in terms of establishing the threat level of the villain. He is absolutely ruthless and has Bond exactly where he wants him.

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I’ve been enjoying this enormously, there’s something very old fashioned serial about Pak’s run i’m enjoying, this method of having it an ever-evolving narrative with many layers to be unveiled. It’s like it should be told over a year in 20 minute segments on a black & white tv. Apt for a spy tail.

I tweeted at the writer of Origin, Jeff Parker and I got these responses:


Is he writing Moonraker for them y’think?

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