Favourite James Bond soundtracks


It was actually Robert Brownjohn who designed the titles for FRWL and GF.


Barry’s score for MR lends this very silly Bond film a touch of gravitas and sophistication that it almost doesn’t deserve. A very lovely and underrated score IMO.


It did deserve it.


100%. Just as it deserved Ken Adam and Shirley Bassey. Amazing film.


It´s such a Pawlowian reflex to ridicule MOONRAKER: Bond in space? Impossible! And Jaws turning to the good side? Blasphemy!

For my taste, MOONRAKER really takes everything that has come before and turns it to 11, with style, self-awareness and the typically Bondian “we can and we will go further and have fun with it”.


There’s a very self-aware joke that’s always struck me as very ahead of its time;

“A woman?”

“Your powers of observation do you credit Mr. Bond”

There arn’t many films NOW that would make a caricature of the lead characters worst trait and then mock him for it, and yet that joke is 40 this year!