Films that influenced Bond and vice versa

I am wanting to compile a comprehensive list of films that influenced Bond and Bond films that influenced other films.

North by Northwest -> The Bond Series, Goldfinger
Live and Let Die -> Smokey and the Bandit
Star Wars -> Moonraker
Jason Bourne -> Quantum of Solace
The Bond Series-> Austin Powers -> Goldmember -> Spectre?


Now, that’s mean… :upside_down_face:

That’s like saying Murder on the Orient Express was inspired by Clue.

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Which one’s supposed to be MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS?


Austin Powers

A later Bond


Peter Ustinov Murder on The Orient Express


Kenneth Branagh Murder on The Orient Express

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Phew, that’s a task that’s going to keep you busy. One key requisite would be to define the limits of influence: NORTH BY NORTHWEST being an obvious influence since Fleming and his set had eyed Hitchcock to possibly direct what came to be THUNDERBALL.

But did THE THIRD MAN not also influence the Bond films since Graham Greene has been a ‘colleague’ of Fleming and the film a major cornerstone of the genre? Fleming soaked up influences pretty much as they came along and films often did the same.

THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN’s martial arts influences are plainly obvious - but which films exactly did they stem from, ENTER THE DRAGON or rather FIST OF FURY? Can the general and more or less vague depiction of martial arts even count as an influence? Was YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE perhaps more influenced by martial arts than THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN since the theme is far more present?

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Dontcha mean Albert (Kinkaid) Finney?
Peter Ustinov was in Death on the Nile and Murder Under the Sun. :sunglasses:

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Quite, Ustinov only did that one on tv. Finney’s would be a better example…given who one of the suspects is…

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… and it’s Evil under the sun, not Murder… :wink:

One of the films LIVE AND LET DIE took inspiration from in my view is CHARADE. The final fight between Bond and Tee Hee looks and feels remarkably like the rooftop fight between Kennedy and Grant, in spite of the different setting.


A superb film👏

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