Forever And A Day - Anthony Horowitz (SPOILERS! BEWARE!)


Still waiting for my copy to arrive in the States :frowning_face:

Went with the paperback for this round, but will pick up the US hardcover in November.


Yup, I too thoroughly enjoyed Forever and a Day.

I am now rereading Trigger Mortis, the first of all continuation books to be reread since Icebreaker, and will reread Forever before committing something to this page.

Although, I cannot let pass how easily Bond took the CIA agent’s affiliation so easily. Did I miss something?

‘Hi, I’m from the CIA.’
‘Cool, let’s shoot something.’

I most certainly would like a further turn from Mr Horowitz. Well done sir.


Knowing basically nothing of the book before reading, I was thrilled when I realised Madame 16 was the Bond woman, and another character wouldn’t serve that function. Horowitz made her this steely outsider, so when her walls came down and she bared her soul, it was satisfying.

Yes, that was a really nice touch.