Forever And A Day - Anthony Horowitz (SPOILERS! BEWARE!)


Liked it well enough. My favorite bit was that great chapter involving Bond and Sixteen having dinner at her place. That was all very good. Everything else was perfectly enjoyable if a bit bland. The ending was…interesting to say the least. Seemed a bit much but who am I to judge anyway? I wouldn’t mind if Horowitz cranked out one more.


Agreed. He’s done the beginning (FAAD) and something near the middle (Trigger Mortis). Therefore I’d like a book near the end. I’d choose after Thunderball and before OHMSS.

That section was particularly well done. It had a great atmosphere, especially knowing it was the first and last proper meeting between the two before they both rushed towards the book’s conclusion.

That’s the night Bond would remember the most.


There’s practically another cold war with Russia now isn’t there? Wait a bit longer and you can slot Fleming’s Bond right into modern day complete with Smersh and Russia as the bad guys.