Forever And A Day - Anthony Horowitz (SPOILERS! BEWARE!)


The Night Manager, anyone? I’m sure there’s an overhead/aerial shot of speedboats on the Med just like this somewhere in the series.


I never got around to watching the series, so I wouldn’t know.



Very nice. I like the complete image even more now. The blue is very striking.


Very nice.


…and it’s a Baretta :sunglasses:


Wonder if it will confirm/render the Authorised Biography as canon, or contradict it? Not that this is a terribly important thing to wonder about.


I suspect there will be some kind of reference that allows to include the biography without actually saying so.


Maybe I’m not looking hard enough but this is the UK cover right? We should still expect a separate US version I would imagine.




Quite like the UK cover. Surely the US cover will skip that kind of clever visual image in favor of something as subtle as a sledgehammer to one’s temple.


I have one issue with the UK cover - It’s going to have to bend round the spine!

Should I buy a second copy of the hardback just to frame the dust jacket?


I think that’s a very nice cover.


Not sure about this one. I genuinely liked Trigger Mortis (far more than Solo). I kind of wish we’d get another modern day Bond novel that continues the story from Carte Blanche. That said, I agree with most that Casino Royale is how Bond starts. If we are going to get a prequel to CR, I’d rather see a younger Bond during WWII. We always hear him reminiscing about his time in the war, but we only ever see him go against Nazis in Moonraker (unless I’m mistaken). I think a WWII-set Bond film dealing with his time in OSS could be great.



Looks good. Is that the Amalfi coast?


Is that the real cover? It looks awesome you did it.


It’s the US cover


I love that cover. I’m not sure which one I prefer now!


Nice cover. Has that vintage “Bond as a fun adventure”-look.