Forever And A Day - Anthony Horowitz (SPOILERS! BEWARE!)


Two more days to go over here in Australia apparently, but I’ll have a look today anyway.


John Cox over at Book Bond was given a proof copy.


Picking up my copy this afternoon over here. Off to have a bite now.


Mission Accomplished! Even in the pouring rain of Piccadilly.


Well done, Bryce. I look forward to hearing your thoughts. You’re usually a trustworthy source. :wink:


Yes, I’ve got my signed copy too now.


Short UK book tour

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  • Didn’t like it
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  • I would like another Bond from this author
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Will definitely pick up a copy tomorrow. Really enjoying the extract on penguins website.

Dustin did post the link before, but in case anyone can’t find it…

“he does admit to being interested to see how Bond would be translated through the pen of Charlie Higson, Robert Harris or Sarah Waters.” As am I. Higsons Young Bond was very good, and I always seek out a new Robert Harris thriller (how I first saw Daniel Craig actually, I’d really enjoyed the book of Archangel so was excited to see the adaptation)


How can USA residents get a copy early? Amazon UK won’t sell to USA. I don’t want to wait until November


Of course they do. Cheaper than the U.S. version as well.

Amazon U.S. also sells the U.K. version, but is out of stock right now. I am expecting delivery today!


Ordered through Waterstones(Started an account) thanks for input


That was a good choice as they have an exclusive version :+1:


For those in the U.S…

Ordering from Amazon UK at the price as of this morning will get you a copy shipped for $21.40 (AmazonGlobal Standard delivery).

Amazon US is listing it at $26.99 without shipping and won’t be released until November.

It really is a no-brainer if you intend to purchase it…


Yes, I live in Canada, and happily paid the exchange difference to get my copy from Amazon UK. It should be here any day now… Very excited!!


2 chapters in. Really enjoying it, the second chapter is really going for the same vibe Fleming went for in Goldfinger’s opening, demonstrating why Bond tries to avoid introspection in his killings.




That’s not a spoiler. Me explaining why that’s not a spoiler, however, would be.


What do we think about putting a spoiler warning in the subject headline so we can discuss the book now that it’s out?



We should perhaps use spoiler marks anyway. At the top of the reply window there’s this little cogwheel thingy. It opens the ‘Options’ menu. You simply highlight your spoilerific stuff, click on ‘hide details’ and it’s hidden. To read you just hit ‘Summary’.


You got it.