Forum Game: This or That?

Can’t say about NTTD given I’ve not seen it…

So Endgame (though that technically has Far From Home as an epilogue so it didn’t have to answer every question in a single film)

Now we know who is singing the theme for NTTD, which one are you glad isn’t doing it




Beyonce… I’m not a huge fan of hers to begin with and would have thought that Sting could have written something great.

Will Kleinman’s titles help Billie Ellish’s song? YES or NO?

Yes, always, but I think it will be good, anyway.

Preferred title for the song:-

No Time to Die


something else, eg You Know my Name


No Time To Die. Only 1 Craig film song has shared its title with the film. I’d like to see another and it seems like an easy title to incorporate into a song.

What will we get first:
Billie Eilish’s song
the second trailer

The second trailer

Who would you have preferred to be doing the title song to No Time To Die?

Celine Dion


Michael Buble


Hmm. I guess Michael Buble.

Will Billie Elish’s theme for No Time to Die be incorporated into Hans Zimmer’s score? YES or NO?

Yes, I am pretty certain it will

Would you rather…

  • star in a Bond movie that did badly in the box office


  • sing the Bond theme


I think I’d rather star in a Bond movie that did badly at the box office.

Would you rather be invited to the Royal Premiere of No Time To Die at the Royal Albert Hall with hundreds in attendance? OR be invited to a special sneak preview screening of the film with only cast and crew in attendance?

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A special sneak preview screening with only cast and crew in attendance.

Will all of the official reviews for No Time To Die:
focus solely on the movie
be sure to mention every single issue of the film’s production just as every article that has been written about the film

Will mention every issue and change of personnel.

Preferred henchman:-





Tough one. Both are great, in fact my #4 and #5 favorite henchmen. But I’ll go with Gobinda.

Would you rather the next Bond novel be:

A third Anthony Horowitz novel somewhere in the Ian Fleming timeline


A new author following on from Solo


A new author following the Benson timeline


A new novel following on from DEAVER…but…since that’s not one of the options, I’ll go with a 3rd Horowitz in Fleming’s timeline.

Should that novel be:
An adaptation of No Time To Die in Fleming’s timeline
A direct sequel to Goldfinger where Goldfinger’s brother is the villain

A direct sequel to Goldfinger where Goldfinger’s brother is the villain

Timothy Dalton’s Bond


George Lazenby’s Bond?

For me Lazenby as Bond (I know I’m one of the few who have this opinion, but I think he was great as Bond).

The book filming of

On her majesty’s secret service


Casino Royale (2006 ofcourse, not the 1967 version)

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Who would you choose to be the next Bond girl:

Margot Robbie


Gal Gadot


Oh, now that is a tough one, but I’ll go with Gal Gadot. However, I’d welcome both in a heartbeat.

Who would you rather be the next Bond villain:

Charlize Theron
Soirse Ronan

Love me some Charlize Theron. Soirse still too young. Along those lines,

Who’d make a better Blofeld?

Mark Strong
Gary Oldman

Gary Oldman would make a creepy Blofeld.

Preferred title for Bond 26 -

  • Ghost from the Shadows


  • Kiss Kiss Bang Bang


Kiss Kiss Bang Bang has Bond history but I’m not wild about it for a title so I’ll go for Ghost From The Shadows

Who would you choose to be the next Bond henchman:

Vinnie Jones


Arnold Vosloo

Hmm…I guess Arnold Vosloo, though I’ve never seen any of his work myself… LOL.

No Time To Die end credits…will there be a secondary song that accompanies the credits a la “If There Was A Man” from TLD etc, or will we get the full on Bond theme yet again?