Forum Game: This or That?


Writing’s on the Wall, it’s grown on me, despite the fact that I still am not a fan of the falsetto. However, I really can’t stand Moonraker.

Preferred climax 2:
Live and Let Die


Live and Let Die

Most fist-pumping version of the Bond theme during a chase sequence:

“Come in 007, Your Time Is Up” from The World Is Not Enough Q-boat chase


" Ice Chase" from The Living Daylights ice lake and mountain chase scene?


" Ice Chase" from The Living Daylights ice lake and mountain chase scene.

Which James Bond movie/score mixup sounds more intriguing to you:

The Spy Who Loved Me scored by John Barry and Moonraker scored by Marvin Hamlisch


For Your Eyes Only scored by John Barry and The Living Daylights scored by Bill Conti?


FYEO by Barry would be amazing and would elevate that movie further I think.

Preferred title for Bond 25:-

Time to Kill





Time to Kill.

Preferred singer for Bond 25:

Lady Gaga




Definitely Lady Gaga.

The clapperboard pics that we got during production of “Skyfall” and “SPECTRE”…Do you think we’ll get them again with Bond 25? YES or NO?



Do you think the Bond 25 PTS will feature Madeleine Swann or not?


Yes. Inter-cut: Adult Madeline running from Hinx / child Madeline running from Oberhauser - different conclusion in the real time.

Yes / no?


No, I don’t think Hinx will be back.

Who should score Bond 25:
David Arnold
someone else


I’m listening to TWINE’s extended soundtrack. Unquestionably, David Arnold returning.

For Bond 7;

A return to Moore/Brosnan flippancy?


A style all his own?


A style all his own. I’d be fine with the over the top action and story, but god I couldn’t stand another film laden with the most absurd sexual innuendos they could think of:
“Keeping the British end up.”
“I think he’s attempting re-entry sir.”
“I need refilling.”
“You may need this to play with your asp.”
“I’ll fill you in later Moneypenny.”
“I thought Christmas only comes once a year.”
“I’ve been known to keep my tip up.”
“You said something about going down together?”
“No, leave it in a few more minutes?”
“Call it a hint, of bigger things to come.” (That last one is from a game for crying out loud)

Who, of Bond’s former flames, would’ve worked better as Carver’s wife than Paris:
Natalya Simonova
Pam Bouvier
Kara Milovy


Lupe Lamora.

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Lupe is a good shout… But for the game …
I go with Kara Milovy because , it would explain Bonds reticence to " pump" her for information. Pam Bouvier being an agent would be less innocent , Natalya Simonova would NEVER end up with Carver.
Same question
Stacey Sutton
Lupe Lamora


Lupe, I can’t imagine anyone would care if Stacey returned.

Better main villain:
Elliot Carver
Elektra King



Preferred ending:-

Dr No






If you mean most satisfying climax and resolution, then Dr. No.
Same question, then, between


TMWTGG. The fun house and duel are excellent. I’d go with LALD if it weren’t for the horrible Air pellet…

Next Bond novel:

A third Horowitz novel
A new modern Bond adventure with a new author


Tough call for me. I enjoyed both of Horowitz’s books and I’d like a third. Not sure where I’d like it to fall in the timeline. Maybe between MR and DAF.

That being said, I’d like a contemporary Bond again. I really enjoyed Carte Blanche and also wouldn’t mind Deaver having another go.


For the films -

Bond back behind the wheel of a Bentley


Stick with the latest incarnation of whatever Aston Martin is available


Aston Martin easily. Bentley has never really been associated with the 007 films and Aston Martin has Fleming origins too and I dont think Bentley really has the cool factor to make it worth the switch

Dalton’s “Property Of A Lady”
Dalton’s “Goldeneye”


This isn’t cool? To me, it’s more that Astons are for cinematic Bond while Bentleys are for book Bond. The less said about the Gardner era Saab, the better.

Definitely Dalton’s Property of a Lady. Though had it been made, we most likely never would have gotten Goldeneye as Goldeneye seems to be a revised version of what Dalton’s 3rd (Property of a Lady) would have been.

Which scene from a continuation novel seems ripe for adapting to a film:
Ice water torture from Icebreaker
Motor Race from Trigger Mortis