Future Bond film possibilities (casting etc)

Couldn’t find a thread for the chatter, rumors, etc. Figured I’d start one, mods feel free to merge if need be.

Saoirse Ronan said in an interview recently that she’d like to play a Bond villain. She’s a bit young at the moment: Sophie Marceau was 32 when she made TWINE, Ronan will be only 27 when NTTD is currently scheduled for release, though it’s certainly conceivable Bond 26 could come 5 years later. With 4 Oscar nominations under her belt and sure to win one as long as she keeps making movies, she could certainly happen.


I think I suggested Saoirse Ronan in another thread, awhile back. She’d make a great Bond villain.

Pure speculation but with the recent trend of only casting Oscar winners as villains, and then only Europeans or Americans of non European ancestry, I would expect Mahershala Ali to be offered the gig at some point. Between his breakthrough villain role as gangster Cornell ‘Cottonmouth’ Stokes on “Luke Cage” and his two Oscars, his name must have come up.

I thought he had the added connection of having worked with Fukunaga on “True Detective” but I was mistaken about the latter’s involvement in season 3.

With Daniel Kaluuya the odds-on favorite to win the Oscar, it’s a very good possibility thereafter that he’ll be sought after for the main villain.

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