Here is my new list of who I'd like to see direct Bond and why:

David Fincher - self explanitory

Ari Aster - new comer, but has a similar slick and meticulous style to Fincher even though his films are limited, which I think Bond needs

Paul Feige - Mostly from his work on A Simple Favor, which I got a strong Bondian vibe from, and which I think he would be very well suited to bring to the actual films

Tom Ford - another director of stylish thrillers, not to mention his prior relationship to Bond, which I’m surprised hasn’t lead to him being approached in the past

Tobias Lindholm - directed imho the strongest episodes of season 1 of Mindhunter

Jean-Marc Valee - Director of Big Little Lies and Sharp Objects, both of which have visual and atmospheres similar to recent Bond outings, and who’s offbeat style I think would be very unique to see in Bond

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