If NTTD had been released in 2019

Just a thought, but had NTTD been released in 2019 and there had not been a global pandemic etc,ect…

Would we now be looking at 2022 celebrating 60 years of bond onscreen with a new movie and a new actor?..

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The finance problems of MGM, and the later buyout by Amazon, would still have stopped them making Bond 26 in that time.


I think at best, we’d be getting Bond 26 in 2023. The difference would be that we would know who Bond 7 is and No Time To Die would’ve made over $1 billion instead of topping off at about $775 million.

All that said, there would be no No Time To Die if Bond 25 had made its November 2019 release date. Danny Boyle was looking to make a very different movie and NTTD would never have moved forward. Now, had the movie made its original February 2020 release, we’d probably be looking at 2024 for Bond 26 as we are right now.

And the threads there would have been.

We might not even have known that - do you see them making decisions before they have the ability to clear pay checks on the director, writers and actor?