Is the time right for an American villain?


And he’d be perfect… One day hopefully…


The next Bond villain should combine:

The sex appeal of Raoul Silva,

The ruggedness of Dominic Greene and Elvis,

The charm of Greg Beam,

The temperament of Gustav Graves,

The humility and maturity of Elliot Carver,

The class, sophistication and empathy of Franz Sanchez,

The independent spirit of Hector Lopez,

The physique and table manners of Brad Whittaker,

The modesty and loyalty of Max Zorin,

The simple tastes and ambitions of Hugo Drax,

The towering intellect of Jaws,

The trustworthiness of Nick Nack,

The masculinity of Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd,

The sense of personal accountability of Ernst Blofeld, and

The altruism of Auric Goldfinger.

In short, someone who would cripple a country’s economy for his own gain, whilst crudely blustering, bragging and deflecting blame in the most vulgar manner – someone who surrounds himself with paid sycophants and would dispose of anyone who does not put his wants and needs ahead of their own, and who would always have a monorail, bobsled or bathosub standing by so that he can save himself and leave all his loyal stooges behind to hang.

Only one actor could convincingly bring all this together in one character. I can say this with confidence because he has already done so.

EON needs to cast Alec Baldwin.


Sorry, but I don’t see Pete Schweddy being a worthwhile adversary.

Now if you mean Blake from Glengarry Glen Ross (“Always be closing!”)… check out Baldwin’s seven-minute scene on youtube, it’s a keeper.

Funny, but I don’t recall Baldwin ever portraying Bill Clinton.

Hey, AMC, do you do any acting?


I act like an adult.
(No need to respond.)


You’re right. You had no reason to respond. :slight_smile:


(raises eyebrow)


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