James Bond's Coldest Kills

Good question. Bond didn’t fire the bullet that killed her, but he did swing her around to be a human shield. Technically, he’s not her killer, but he is at least partially responsible for her death. But how innocent a character is she? Aziz Fekkesh is a bad guy, but we don’t know much about Felicca other than that she appears to be Fekkesh’s lover or mistress and seemingly willing to make out, if not sleep, with Bond to preoccupy him until Fekkesh gets back. That doesn’t make her bad nor completely innocent, although she may not even know what’s going on other than where Fekkesh is meeting Anya. The moral of the story is, pick a better/safer boyfriend.

As for the question, I say Felicca is not a cold kill since Bond didn’t pull the trigger, but I can certainly understand why some would. And if one believes she really is an “innocent bystander” then Bond using her as a human shield rather than pushing her out of the line of fire may be his coldest kill of all.

Bond is not a psychopathic killer. He does not savour those moments. He grimly takes revenge or gets problems out of the way before they surely come back to threaten him.

Also, he is in a hurry here.


I agree for the most part - he does look to savour the detonation of Carlos.

For me, the coldest kills are the ones at the beginning of SPECTRE: Sciarra (and whoever else died in the process of killing Sciarra) and the two assassins sent to kill Sciarra’s wife. This is Robot Bond at his most robotic–carrying out his programming with neither qualm nor question.


He‘s very satisfied by that, indeed.

Although, in the logic of the film, one would have to explain that he is not yet „the Bond we know and love“ at that point…