Knives Out (2019)

She definitely would have deserved an acting nomination.


“Knives Out” will be out on digital Feb 7 and disc Feb 25


Is that really the best cover choice for a “murder mystery”?

Those who’ve seen it will understand.


I thought that…an odd choice to say the least

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Man, I posted the pic but can’t really remember it, and now I’m scared to look back at it because I haven’t seen the movie yet. Is it really that spoilerish!?

Could easily be perceived as such.

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Edited it out of my post… without looking at it :wink:

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Benoit Blanc’s next case is green lit.


Great to hear.

Knives Out was a fun and entertaining experience.

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Knives Out official twitter wants title suggestions for Blanc 2. Most people are going for cutlery puns, which to me seems like calling From Russia With Love “Professor Yes” but, y’know, Twitter arn’t really people…


Finally watched it. It’s a lot of fun! Perhaps all fur coat and no knickers, but fun nonetheless. I’ll certainly watch the sequel.

Cast a bosomy woman and call it Guns Out.


I’m in!

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Join the queue

God I love this movie. I saw it three times. The last screening I downloaded Rian Johnson’s audio commentary from the Knives Out website and listened to it while I watched the film. It was great. One of the best theater experiences I’ve ever had.

I’m glad Craig will have a new series on his hands to carry on with after Bond.

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I loved this movie but only saw it once. How is it upon second and third viewing.

What a film!

The writing is SUPERB.

Not crazy about Daniel’s supremely forced sounding accent, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

I also saw it three times. There’s just so much detail in the sets, it’s impossible to catch it all on the first viewing.

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