Living Daylights discussion


Indeed, Charles’ book is a must have along with his OHMSS book as well.


I’ve got his book on the The Living Daylights but not the one for Majesty’s yet. I agree, it’s a must read for any fan of those movies. I also like that they focus on films that need a little more attention rather than say Goldfinger.


“Overall, I think Bond from Dr No is the closest to Fleming’s Bond”

That’s a good point. As Dr. No had no other reference point to draw from than the books (there was no preexisting film template) it probably is one of the closest in both plot and characterization. I think it does lack a lot of the book’s edge but Connery did capture a lot of the essence of the character from that book.


“For me, the idea of a guy who’s just magically “ripped” all the time though he never seems to actually go the gym is as unrealistic as a drive through the streets of Venice in a hover-gondola.”

Thank you for this: next time I’m horrified when unexpectedly catching my reflection i’ll shut my eyes, go into denial and say hello to the double taking pigeon!!!


It’s true of all conventional storytelling. In the first half anything can happen, but the end can only be a variable of the elements included in that first half.

I think our need for such logic derives from our individual, yet common experience of our time here (on Earth, rather than on CBN). Growing up it seems that all is possible, but then our choices and the path fate lays before us provides ever decreasing exits to adventure and the unknown. Life would seem to become evermore predictable with a destination that is identicle for us all. In the end the only variables are When, How and sometimes Why?

Traditional, predictable narrative, even Bond is less fantasy than it is an affirmation of our common experience and it’s inescapable fate; and it comforts us when this fate makes sense by being the result of what happened in the first half.

Unconventional narrative, even when telling superficially non-fantastical stories are the real fantasy - the true escapism from our seemingly unavoidable fate at the end of a narrowing path by suggesting unexpected exits to an adventure may still appear before that final day. At the heart of fantasy is the hope of a miraculous abolition of that final moment itself.

…Oops, sorry to blah blah blah - getting into a bad habit of posting before my first coffee of the day :zipper_mouth_face:


Don’t keep us in suspense!