"Maybe no one will notice..."


Maybe no one will notice that Oddjob is such a fastidious painter that there’s not a fleck of gold paint on the sheets.


Or that Jill Masterson is not naked…


Neither is Honey coming out of the decontamination procedure in Dr. No.


Maybe no one will notice that the location of the Fillet of Soul in New Orleans is said, by Felix, to be located on Docker St, but that Docker St doesn’t exist. The street corner that Hamilton was standing in, and later on Strutter, is in fact Dumaine and Chartres (proven by the street signs in the background). The actual location of the Fillet of Soul is on Chartres St, half a block between Dumaine and Madison.


“Docka” Street.


Either way, it still doesn’t exist.


He’s right, Felix says Docker Street…


Maybe no one will notice that the “mannequin” of Al Capone in Scaramanga’s fun house blinks twice – once when he fires his Tommy gun and again when his arms are shot off. Maybe that’s why Rodney talks to him as if he’s still alive.


Maybe no one will notice that Daniel Craig uses incorrect grammar when speaking in Spanish in QoS. He says “Somos maestros en un sabbatico, y nos ganamos la loteria.” He should have said that sentence without the ‘nos.’


Is that really a gaffe? As a Brit, it was a miracle he wasn’t just shouting English at them.


Just a little side note: the majority of these observations really did escape me; this is smashing good fun.

Kudos to @AMC_Hornet for starting this thread.


For Americans, we’d say its a miralce he wasn’t shouting American at them.


Can you ask Mom to put food coloring on the herbs I’ve spread on the aluminium foil?

“You’re in America, speak English!”

Jokes aside, as long as the concierge understood Bond’s meaning, he was technically right as it fulfilled the purpose of the sentence (according to a trivia note my MsC lecturer once shared with me) But obviously this doesn’t account to Bond actually just yelling loudly at a Chinese family in TMWTGG despite claiming in YOLT he has a first in oriental languages.


Personally, it’s just something that has always annoyed me and a more competant director than Marc Forster would have caught it. Moving on…

Maybe no one will notice that Bond’s gun keeps changing in every shot while he is shooting at the “dragon”.


Wait, now you have me questioning my Spanish…

Wouldn’t “y nos ganamos la loteria” be correct? He is saying “we” won the lottery, and isn’t the “nos” what puts the “we” into the sentence?


No, ‘we’ is nosotros. ‘Nos’ is an indirect pronoun like ‘us’. Craig basically said: We won ourselves the lottery, which is redundant.


Well, I did have to take Spanish twice :wink:


It took me 2 years of living in Spain to learn that. :wink:


So would Bond get that right after being in Mexico for the length of a taxi ride?


How do they get ashore then?