"Maybe no one will notice..."


How would they? They’re identical from the outside, surely?


They beach, like lost whales.


Maybe no one will notice that Goldfinger would’ve triggered World War III regardless of whether the bomb was stopped or not.


That actually never occurred to me - but it is so true.

Man, that Goldfinger was a doofus.


The use of the nuclear bomb was meant to fix the book’s plot hole of not being able to physically remove all of the gold from Fort Knox. However, it creates a much more problematic one when it says that the Chinese government gave Goldfinger the nuke. This is pretty much state sponsored terrorism and an act of war. So whether or not Goldfinger succeeded, war would’ve most likely broken out.


Which is what they wanted, as it would’ve crashed the US economy at the the same time, making them a weaker target - the Chinese government wanting to start war with state funded terrorism does come up again after all, only Blofeld turns the tables and extorts them.

Also occurs to me that it’s in Goldfinger’s best interests for the blame to fall on China, allows him to keep his illgotten gains, not to mention he probably would’ve turned on China like he did the “hoods convention”


I don’t see it as a plot hole at all - instead of removing the gold he just makes the value of what he already has go up, therefore achieving the same ends. I thought it was one of the more clever plots, actually.


That’s not the plot it creates. The problem with the nuclear bomb is the Chinese government supplying it. My point is, with the Chinese government sanctioning the attack, the US would’ve responded regardless of whether the bomb went off or not.

I agree that it fixes the novel’s problem, however, it creates its own even bigger one. An easy fix would be to have the nuclear scientist be a rogue agent, rather than working for the government.


But is it a plot hole when later films demonstrate the Chinese government wanting to do exactly that? Also they would need evidence, or at least a suspicion that Goldfinger got his bomb from the Chinese government. They have neither, they don’t even know the Chinese are involved. Goldfinger then gets away and kills the only Chinese official there - all they have is the word of Britain sanctioned killer - who the British government probably wouldn’t admit the existence of.


A British agent that the Americans know very well…


It is not a plot hole, it is just sheer stupidity on Goldfinger´s part. He is obviously not aware that one nuke on US soil could easily trigger a nuke on China and the Russians nuking back. Good luck selling gold when the world is in flames and contaminated for hundreds of years.

Obviously, they did not watch “Dr. Strangelove” - despite Ken Adam´s involvement…


One man in the CIA knows well. How exactly do you pitch that to Congress?

“Well we think this private individual was responsible with the backing of China”
“Have you got the private citizen?”
“What about links to China?”
“There was a Chinese scientist at the site”
“Have you got him in custody?”
“Technically, yes”
“Well…he’s dead”
“Do you have anything?”
“Yes, a Scottish man who kills people for mi6 said he did it, according to one of our team!”
“So one agent of yours, whose job it was to observe this private citizen, says a friend of his in mi6, One we’ve never heard of, and the British Government says doesn’t exist, told you all this?”


The US has gone to war under flimsier evidence…


Not when a nuclear response was possible. It’s why, despite evidence that Russia hacked your presidential election, there is no response.


Also: There is no evidence that China is behind it, Bond assumes that the Chinese nuclear expert is there on behalf of his government, this is never actually confirmed…


You’re getting awfully accusatory here.


No accusation (unless you are Putin in which instance I’d have soooooo many questions), just explanation as to why it’s not a plot hole. No-one is going into mutually assured destruction on here say, something Goldfinger would know.


Goldfinger is certifiable. I’m sure he would either not anticipate or care if the US and China nuked each other. I was just explaining what I discovered to potentially be a plot hole after rewatching Goldfinger. Bond surmises that China gives Goldfinger a nuke, a fact which Goldfinger confimrs, is to be detonated on American soil. Yes, it would achieve economic choas, but the sheer fact that China supplied a bomb to be detonated against a sovereign nation would be enough pretense to go to war, regardless of whether the plan succeeded or not.

PS - I am not commenting on Putin or the hacking the 2016 election anymore. I’ve spoken ad nauseum about it (not here, but everywhere else) and I am sick of it.


Back to the game…

Maybe no one will notice that AVTAK’s title changed from the end of Octopussy to the release of the film.


You’re right - it changes from ‘Octopussy’ - after four years.