"Maybe no one will notice..."


My mistake, lol. Yes I meant Octopussy. Fixed.


Now I have to fix mine…“after two years.”


As pointed out though, Goldfinger’s plan does not include the US knowing or finding out where the bomb came from. The plan is sound as long as it’s kept secret, and rather obviously like most villains he doesn’t intend for James Bond to come along and spoil it!


Problem is, he does come along and spoil it and now Bond knows the Chinese supplied the weapon, so he will inform both his superiors and probably the CIA. So then the US will know where the bomb came from.


Maybe, but think about how in Bond World the UK is the sensible calm head of the world community, sitting between the US and Russia shouting at each other suavely saying things like “Her Majesty’s government
is not convinced that this intruder missile originated from Soviet Russia…”: Bond and M probably would’ve worked out some way to hush up the whole China involvement and let OHMSS sort it out intelligently :slight_smile:


That’s a possibility. I just don’t think China would be let off the hook for something like that.


Equally maybe they just don’t believe Bond! He doesn’t have much in the way of evidence except the word of a dead man, and one spy’s report just might not be enough to go to war over.


Maybe nobody will notice that when 009 is knifed by Mischka/Grischka, the blade barely penetrates the fabric of his clown costume, much less his personal skin.


Maybe no one will notice that in AVTAK the police chief’s face completely changes when he gets out of his car and looks right at the camera just before it’s crushed…


Maybe no one will notice that when the helicopter in TND slows to a crawl when pointed nose down to threaten Bond and WaiLin, in real life it would have accelerated.

Also maybe no one will notice that deliberately trying to hit objects and people with your rotor blades is a sure recipe for suicide.

Indeed, maybe no one will notice that no writer on any Brosnan Bond has even a 5-year-old’s grasp of physics.


Maybe no one will notice that the clock over the traction table at Shrublands must have been salvaged from Goldfinger’s Loockheed Jetstar; they can’t all come from the factory with a spyhole above the numeral VI.

Or that, when the late Cdr. Derval is laid out on the same table, Bond removes the bandages from his face twice.

Or, that there was absolutely no reason for the frogmen to kit up by the seawall and swim out to the Disco Volante before retrieving the hidden bombs, except to give Bond a chance to infiltrate the team.

(Still, I absolutely adore Thunderball - like my wife’s attitude towards me, I’m willing to forgive any minor transgression.)


Major Derval.


Depending on whether you’re talking French Air Force or NATO - he was identified as both (I was watching Thunderball when I made that entry, and was divided on which rank to use.).


…or that in the first scene at Shrublands there is a man in the background putting on almost exactly the same robe Goldfinger wore in Miami. Perhaps GF had spent some time there?


I go by Major as he himself says Major Derval when answering the phone. But I’ve got another from Thunderball:

Maybe no one will notice that the watch Bond gives Domino changes from the beginning of the scene from the silver lined black faced watch we see at the beginning of the film to a gold lined, white faced watch in her hand.


You’re right - I just finished watching the film for the umpteenth time and never noticed that.

I did notice, however, how badly the carpet was laid in Bon’d Nassau hotel room, in the tracking shot where Bond is tracing Quist’s movements while listening to his footfalls on the tape.


I only just noticed it on my most recent rewatch.


And maybe no one will notice that as Q turns his head away and says “Now pay attention” his lips aren’t moving.

Nor can we see anyone’s lips moving after Bond introduces Felix to Pinder - ignoring Paula - and as they walk away together Felix asks “Who’s the girl?” and Bond replies “Paula Kaplan, my assistant.”

No doubt this was dubbed in because someone noticed how Paula had been snubbed, and if she hadn’t been introduced then we wouldn’t know who Paula was when Bond calls out for her in her hotel room later.

At least she got introduced by name at some point, unlike Kissy Suzuki in YOLT.


Maybe no one will notice that when scene turns from day to night at the casino in OHMSS, it’s the same continuous shot just with the people outside of the pool removed. The people in the water are still playing and swimming as they were.


Or that Alec’s parents couldn’t have been Cossacks killed by Nazis as he is too young. Unless I missed something?