MGM, the never-ending story

For obvious reasons. News to be added as the tabloids spin the topic. Not much substantial evolvement expected though.

And here we have some news about where MGM might be heading, after NO TIME TO DIE has performed (they hope beyond the 1 billion mark). Interesting tidbits about Amy Pascal as well…

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Another knowledgeable source believes MGM could run into money trouble because it is so highly leveraged. This person estimates that the company needs *No Time to Die* , the fifth Bond film starring Daniel Craig, to hit the $1 billion mark — no small feat given that 2015's *Spectre* grossed $880.6 million worldwide. (In 2012, *Skyfall* did cross that threshold with $1.1 billion.) An MGM source calls that notion unfounded, noting that the company enjoys ample liquidity and strong support from banks and lenders.

The crucial thing about the debt here is: banks and lenders support MGM also with their own agenda: once interest rates rise and/or major production(s) tank they have their boot right inside MGM’s top floor. Which the people there of course also know. So either they manage a deal as long as the sun is shining on them. Or MGM turns into a huge scale Journey to Jerusalem.

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