Mission: Impossible 6


Well, there you go. Instead of comparing Craig’s films to “Classic Bond”, I should be comparing them to elections. Suddenly they look fantastic!


I only ever liked the even numbered Mission Impossible’s so stakes were high! :sweat_smile: But I really enjoyed this one! Beautiful scenery, awesome stunts… Didn’t miss Jeremy’s character ( I felt they underused him in the 5th )… Rebecca was once again kickass. I hope she remains with the team unlike all those before her who vanished into tin air :slight_smile:

The previous one bored me out about half way through… Thanks to this one I finally managed to find the strength to watch the 5th from the beginning to the very end…

Hopefuly they won’t wait too long to start working on a new one. Only problem with the series is that Tom is getting older… Don’t think they’ll continue making them once Tom quits. What do you think?


Cruise being a pro about his work.

I think when Cruise decides he can’t do another, Paramount will try and continue anyway. I doubt it would work though, as so much of Mission Impossible as a film series now is made up of relationships that Tom Cruise has himself cultivated both in front and behind the camera. The format from the series does allow for a complete change in cast, characters and style, but It would have to be a completely clean break with an actor as invested in the series as Cruise is to have legs as a series, but after almost 30 years of Ethan Hunt is the audience willing to try it differently?


Cruise probably has one or two more in him, depending on how quickly they put them into production. Paramount won’t leave a lucrative IP languishing when there’s money to be made.

Here’s an idea on where to take it without Cruise:

I kinda like this idea. Given how Jeremy Renner failed to reboot Bourne and take the MI mantle (that was why he was in Ghost Protocol) this might seem a worthy direction to pursue. Amazing how all the actresses are similar ages now despite this movie franchise spanning 20 years.


If they can get them all back, absolutely. Availability WILL be an issue though, it’s why none pre Fergusson recurred and why she was signed up for Fallout the second it was commissioned.


I‘m not sure Renner really had a realistic chance. The Bourne thing failed because the entire idea had run its course by then. And Renner‘s character was depicted as just about managing to make the mental deficiency hurdle to qualify as cannon fodder for the army - before his treatment with super soldier serum. That wasn’t a character the target audience wanted to identify with…

Renner‘s Hawkeye also is more of a filler, fans do not seem to miss him a lot in the Avangers franchise when he’s not around. And for MI they simply didn’t trust him enough to let him take over from Cruise. Showing Renner alongside Baldwin, making him MI’s Tanner, was probably the moment that window closed.

It would have been possible to introduce a new team leader into the current mix, only it would have called for a decisive approach. And Renner doesn’t seem to be the character for the task.


They weirdly where. After years of asking what the point of him was, they where then up in arms when he wasn’t in the marketing of Infinity War, Something Feige ending up having to address (he found it hilarious)

Personally thought “because he’s not in it” was an obvious answer, but apparently not for angry fan boys on twitter and reddit.


I’d be up for the women of Mission: Impossible idea. I was incredibly disappointed that Paula Patton didn’t return for Rogue Nation and would love to see her rejoin the franchise in some capacity.


But is that more than ticking off boxes, Hawkeye there :white_check_mark:? Bit like having Moneypenny or Q or the gunbarrel, rituals mostly. Of course, fans of Hawkeye will always want to see more of him. But that’s a long way from an actual desire with the larger audience. He’s cool to have around - but is there a need?

Things might have been different if they’d given him his own tv series. But Arrow beat them to it and by now I’m not sure there is a serious desire outside his fanbase to have Hawkeye explored.


His use with Marvel movies does seem to suggest box ticking, even as far back as his Thor cameo (2011, 7 years and a life time ago) he seemed to be there for no other reason than he was there in the comics, but none of his 4 directors actually had anything for him to do across his 4 appearances. Russo’s claim he has a lot to do in Avengers 4, but, tbh, I’ll believe it when I see it, especially as it’s the final contracted film for Downey, Evans and Hemsworth.


Paula Patton! This. As much as I love Fallout, Paula Patton made Ghost Protocol for me. Her films since then have bombed, but she was fantastic in MI-4.


Renner has little to no screen presence, is vapid and can’t act.

Thank the lord he didn’t take over Cruise’s mantle after Ghost Protocol.

I’m up for this women of Mission Impossible idea though! Thought Patton was fantastic in GP.


Can we still add signatures? I want to add “Artistic endevours can NEVER be given declarations” because im sick of typing of it, im sure people are more sick of reading it.


I don’t quite understand what was so good about Patton in MI4? She furrowed her brow a lot and… that’s about it. Rebecca Fergusson has been a galaxy above her in terms of strong leads.

Renner’s okay. He’s a decent enough film star, even if he’s not on Cruise’s level. I thought Rogue Nation used him well.


Finally, got to see this one and damn. It’s strange how Mission Impossible as gotten better and better with each installment to the point where Fallout might just go down as a classic someday.


Now that I’ve had time to digest the film more, I would still probably rank Ghost Protocol as my favourite in the series. I’m not ashamed to say it’s largely because of the Burj Khalifa sequence, which I think is the franchise’s standout moment, even more so than the classic wire descent from the first film.

I would rank Rogue Nation second, and Fallout third.

All three are fantastic, and Fallout being third doesn’t change my 10/10 rating.

I’d be hoping Cruise could do one or two more films. I think he’s up to it physically. I’m not sure if Renner is the answer afterwards though, nor do I think it’s necessarily wise to transplant the traits of Ethan Hunt onto another character. Those antics are what drive the franchise, but someone else being on that same level of ability may feel inappropriate and false. In an ideal world, I’d keep Ethan in the franchise as the IMF director.


I’m not gonna lie, I still dislike the first Mission Impossible the most of the entire series. But really, it feels strange in that GP, RN, and F all seem to be in a totally different series from the first 3. 1 and 2 are so radically different to what the series is now. MI3 is kind of in the middle of the older films and the newer 3, but definitely has more in common with the newer trilogy of films. When J.J. Abrams came aboard, the films became less dark and more fun and to me, that is a big reason as to why the new films are better.

That said, it still irks me that Rogue Nation seems to be the film Spectre would’ve been with a few more script drafts and the dropping of some key, dumb plot points.


I like Ghost a lot, but it does lose steam after/during the sandstorm sequence and doesn’t really regain it for the rest of the film. Rogue and Fallout actually seem to get better at the end, and the final trap at the end of Rogue is immensely satisfying in a way that an elaborate multi-storey car park fight isn’t.


That, and the fact that the late Michael Nyqvist’s villain is very weak.


I’d really love a M:I television series. Show us some of the other IMF teams in action.