Mission: Impossible 6


Well he probably would have been alright, but he’s barely in it.
Mind you, there’s something I quite like about the villain being someone Ethan never quite catches up with.


I’m not saying she’s a great actress (she’s not.) And you’re right, Rebecca Ferguson is a better actor and has a deeper character. But Patton had both exoticism (the India seduction scene) and athleticism that was perfect for this role, sort of MI’s Bond girl. Granted, these are external features, but they work for me in this film.


To be fair, Raiders is the Best Movie Ever. I imagine even if you were incredibly hyped for it, it would still have met or surpassed your expectations. Not the best example :slight_smile:

Something to be said about going in with zero knowledge and expectations. Stargate (film) and Maverick were two great movie-going experiences I had as a kid where I had zero knowledge going in and was practically dragged to the cinema. I love those films to this day, though if they came out today i’d be hyped about them and severely dissapointed.


The second three hour marathon discussion between McQuarrie and Empire podcaster, Chris Hewitt.

McQuarrie is utterly brilliant. So intelligent, so eloquent. Again, you have to get by Hewitt’s inane laughter at every non laughing moment. Thoroughly informative.


Yes it’s a great listen. I love the anecdote about the very final shot!


Wow don’t hold back…

Seriously Renner isn’t bad at all and is none of the things you say. However he’s better as a supporting character.


The problem with Renner isn’t he can’t act, but that he has not that much charisma and class like real moviestars (like Cruise or Craig) have. He is also not some one people are going to pay a ticket for to see him in a movie.


Seems M:i-6 is now number one, both Domestically and Worldwide.

Deservedly so.



Completely agree, the film is an instant classic. MI has been on one helluva streak since Ghost Protocol. My question is, Cruise is 55, how much longer can he continue to play Ethan Hunt? Sure he looks pretty good, though you can see a lot of grey in Fallout. Moore looked too old by this point to convincingly portray Bond. However, Liam Neeson’s action career exploded when he hit his mid-50s. Will Cruise continue to be the star? Will he transition into a less on-hands team leader and let a younger actor star? Or will the inevitable MI7 be the final MI film?


Just received my 4K version of this film Tuesday, and I finally got to watch it yesterday. Great film and a hell of a lot of fun! Tom Cruise continues to amaze as does the rest of the cast. I also got a laugh with the A Few Good Men reference in the airplane just before the HALO jump (I’ll let y’all figure out what it is :wink: ).


At the risk of asking a dumb question, here in the UK, is anyone aware of a DVD special edition version?

All the goodness seems to have been saved only for BluRay and, defiant in my stance to move/upgrade, I am now only recipient to vanilla DVD offerings.

I have a SE version for Ghost Protocol and amazingly, that came from some Sainsbury supermarket arrangement…!?

Any info would be greatly appreciated.


I’m sure you have your reasons, but you definitely should buy a Blu-ray. I, for one, can’t watch DVDs anymore because of the video quality.
And my 300+ DVD collection ended up in a cellar :persevere:.


It’s true, watching something like Thunderball on blu- ray is a revelation


I upgraded to blu-ray a few years ago and never regretted it.


HD really does transform those early Bonds: they’re so bright and dazzling. I moved from Blu-ray to streaming through my Apple TV, so was very happy when, for once, Apple gave something for free and started to upgrade my library to UHD… still only Spectre out of the Bonds though :confused: But I live in hope more will follow.


I will try to offer a reason, but I daresay it will sound rubbish.

I have a TV, a DVD Recorder and a Roku for Netflix and Amazon. I like minimalism and one way to exemplify that is to not have many boxes under a TV. I tried to see if a DVD / BluRay / Recorder existed in one box but that variation has never been built - to my knowledge.

I still like to record things because even though, in the UK, the ITVs and Channel 4s and 5s all offer streaming TV, the offerings are replete with adverts. On the recorder, these can be done away with.

Make sense?


Loewe do beautiful TVs with built in hard drives so all I have is that with an Apple TV stuck to the back: total minimalism with no visible boxes and, better still, no cupboards full of discs and, best of all, you can choose your film without getting up!!!:japanese_ogre:


Sure it does. Curious, although I’ve never thought about it, that there’s no Blu-ray recorder available. Than again, neither Blu-ray nor Blu-ray UHD have never been as popular as DVD used to be. And never will be.


Definitely. Most of them look amazing on Blu-ray (I was particularly impressed by Dr. No and From Russia With Love), though in some cases re-mastering was less successful. Still, massive upgrade compared to DVDs.


There isn’t? I thought there was.

Um, I display those proudly. Like my books.