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I’m pretty surprised by that! DV hasn’t struck me as a director interested in 3D. Well he’s certainly interested in visuals, so it’s entirely possible that he wants a fling with this added dimension. Better that than the studio foisting it upon him.

However, i’d guess the latter is likelier. If so can he simply shoot his own 2D movie the way he wants it and let the studio worry about the conversion. Or does will the studio interfere with his shot selection/camera positioning because of the 3D conversion they want to do afterward?

I know Roger Deakins is in great demand, but could it be possible that the 3D aspect put him off doing Dune (Deakins is not a fan of 3D). What a shame if that were the case.

Having seen a few 3D movies i now avoid them at all costs.

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First bit of Ghostbusters 3 casting news


Can’t wait to see Captain Marvel this weekend. Brie Larson is one of my favorite actresses and it should be an exciting set up for Avengers: Endgame.

Currently it sits at 80% on rotten tomatoes and 64 on Metacritic. The film has unfortunately been getting review-bombed by online trolls as thousands of 0 star ratings were uploaded prior to the film’s release. This has unfortunately continued post-release it appears. Granted, not having yet seen the film, I can’t comment on its quality, but a number of the poor ratings on rottentomatoes/metacritic all seem to have similar “criticisms”: Brie Larson is bad, action is bad, Nick Fury is good. It definitely seems like misogynists decrying a film for featuring a female in the lead. This is further evidenced by the sheer number of reviews the film has in just 3 days of release: > 55,000 (50,000 were also removed by rotten tomatoes). Avengers: Infinity War has about 53,000 and its been out for almost a full year.


The trolls are often loud but they never win. CAPTAIN MARVEL was a huge winner around the world at the Box Office last weekend.

Trolls are not the deciding part of an audience. Thankfully so.


Very true its just sad to see it still going on.


The boys and I really enjoyed it!, The last few Marvel’s from Ragnarok on have been a really high standard, I thought Larson is capable of carrying the franchise in place of Downey Jr.


Saw Captain Marvel over the weekend. (No spoilers below).

It is slow to start and a bit confusing until you see how the narrative was structured towards the end. Very good though overall, it’s nice to see Samuel L Jackson get a lot of screen-time in a Marvel film for once. The de-ageing job they did on his face looks incredible!

I enjoyed all the 90s throw-backs too- Game Boys, pin ball machines, dial-up modems, pagers, Blockbuster Video and cd-roms. Cracking soundtrack.

I thought Larson was great, too. Her and Jackson have great on-screen chemistry, and I liked how things link to the end of Avengers: Infinity War.




Saw it twice already. Posted review over in “What movie have you seen lately?” thread. Good stuff.


2 great trailers in one day…

Tarantino’s is more of a teaser, but it looks fun - particularly the Bruce Lee sequence.

The Stranger Things trailer is absolutely fantastic. Really looking forward to another slice of 80s genre mash-up.


I can’t ******* wait…

The show that turned potty-mouthed language into Shakespeare.

Between Deadwood and Dune we are very lucky movie lovers.


My husband will be delighted.


More Ghostbusters 3 news


2 more join Marvel’s Black Widow and there’s a bit of a Bond connection…

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Beam and Bond’s Mrs. This film is now a must see - Neither Harbour or Weisz has ever given a bad performance even if the film around them didn’t deserve it.


Title and first trailer for Star Wars Ep IX just revealed: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. I’m not gonna lie, I am not loving that title and am afraid that it foreshadows the retconning of Rey’s lineage from The Last Jedi (which was the perfect explanation IMO). I was not excited to hear J.J. Abrams being brought back to direct Episode IX and nothing about this title or trailer has changed my opinion.

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Star Wars was the first film saga I fell in love with and the original Star Wars (I refuse to refer to it as A New Hope) is one of my favorite movies of all-time. However, the saga was never able to recapture the magic of the the original and Empire. Jedi has a similar tone, but it is very clearly the weakest of the original trilogy. Enough has been said about the prequels and special editions that I don’t need to regurgitate that here. I had hope for the sequel trilogy. But with the lack of a coherent plan for the story, things just went haywire. The Force Awakens ended up as a shameless remake of the original and The Last Jedi spent most of its time intentionally sticking its middle finger up to The Force Awakens. Don’t get me wrong, I actually really liked the revelation of Rey’s parents. The Yoda scene was another instant classic and the finale was excellent. But Disney just oversaturated the market with 4 Star Wars films in 4 years. Rogue One was a $200 million effort to fill in a plot hole and Solo was completely forgettable and unnecessary. Star Wars needs to be done after Ep IX.


Great teaser.

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The sequel trilogy has certainly been uneven. Both Force Awakens and Last Jedi had elements I liked and elements that I didn’t and while I enjoyed both The Rise of Skywalker is really going to make or break the new trilogy.
And here’s my theory on the title; the Jedi have ended. Rey uses the knowledge that she’s acquired to form a new order freed from the failings of the Jedi. This new order is Skywalker.