Movies: Presumably 2022, maybe Beyond

So (too much) more of the same.

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… and so clearly cut to focus on the younger generation. Looks as if the previous trailers (being released only a few weeks ago) did not hit the market as intended.

And with Cameron now even calling the film a bad business decision in Variety… yeah, he is just joking… or isn´t he?

He doesn’t have the curiosity crowd anymore, the global economy is in a worse state and, in the ten years since the first film, the cinema market is now most of the money on the opening weekend or you’re bankrupt.

But I’m sure he definitely isn’t thinking about that…or how his ego…I mean, he…argued for that insane a budget.


I love his work but I can’t stand that he always makes himself the story rather than the movie.


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Posted because I’m sure some like his work.

Personally found this painful to watch at times. He had an ego off with Leonardo Di Caprio apparently (Di Caprio’s dad wasn’t wrong…)

He at one point describes picking up his own script for Avatar, reading it and going “oh! This is pretty good”

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Wow… really awkward.

Apart from the clips from TITANIC which show the ship and the people at the dock looking so much like the CGI creations they were - how surprisingly horrible those effects were -, the kiss rehearsal on Cameron’s knuckles… man, that is really some bad and embarrassing directing revealed here.

And then… “I can be just another average do-gooder or make more AVATAR films.”

Um… tough decision?

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Its not uncommon for me to see the flaws in CGI upon reviewing older films where it didnt bother me the first time around (especially in the Star Wars and Indy films) but those “passengers” on the Titanic were god-awful amateur night stuff the first time, and hugely distracting. I remember thinking they shouldve called it “Sims: The Motion Picture.”


It´s really bewildering why Cameron is considered to be the biggest special effects director and he himself maintains he has such perfect quality control… and then that.

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Not watched this yet, but I couldn’t not share some of the finest writers currently working doing a roundtable, especially as I worked with one of them (years ago)


A name, please! (Rian Johnson???)

I wish!

McDonagh. It was when he was doing theatre (you can guess by the date, not his first run) The Lonesome West - Wikipedia

I played Father Welsh


That’s absolutely impressive! Congratulations to you, Sir!


Thank you, was one of my first roles.


Oppenheimer confirmed to be set over a 45 year period.


Actually doesn’t look bad at all. But, of course, nothing can hold a candle to the Bob Hoskins / Dennis Hopper version from the 90s. :rofl: