News on BOND 25


He could change into Rami Malek. There is this thing called gene therapy, right? Saw it in some movie.


Not a bad idea, but I feel like they’ve already rinsed that one with DAD.


I really should read all of the replies before rushing to respond :roll_eyes:


Not that I think this is a serious suggestion, but I’d argue that DAD was in the Brosnan outlandish era (of invisible cars and surfing tidal waves), and Craig’s era is grounded more on realism and more traditional approaches, if that makes sense.


Well… I wouldn’t really consider Craig´s era employing more realism. It´s just a different kind of fantasy world.


Bronson? Charles Bronson? He played Bond? :stuck_out_tongue:


Eon certainly had a Death Wish when they signed off on that tsunami :wink:


Well, he was trying to make The Great Escape from that laser beam that was almost a Red Sun. Still he gave it his all - he didn’t Telefon it in…(alright Plank, enough…!!)


I agree with that, Craig’s era has included some of the most outlandish stunts of the entire series: Bond falling off the train in Skyfall, freefalling from the plane and deploying the parachute a split second before hitting the ground in QoS to name a few.


Yves Girard is the assistant stunt coordinator…


Well he certainly likes to make an entrance - landing in the middle of Regent Street dressed as a giant, see-through dragonfly!



I saw those things during my last London visit last October. Why did Girard post that picture?


Less cliched than Big Ben. More interesting than Golders Green.


Not really BOND 25 news - but maybe BB will get asked questions during this event which may lead to a new hints…


I must say that the whole system (publicists, agents, journalists in the know) has been quiet and obviously committed to the NDA’s that must be in place, because we have gotten zilch casting info other than the Rami Malek rumor. And I know, many times in the past we didn’t know until the press conference, but in today’s social media world it usually slips.


That’s Eon’s small circle; most of the people they work with they know for many years. And few of them have much to gain from letting slip information. The leaks usually appear on the side of the ‘guests’, and here often unintentionally: a parent talking proudly, a spouse, a friend. It’s not that nothing transpires - there are people in the know - but when things turn up in the press it’s usually shortly before they’d have been revealed anyway. Or, in Bamigboye’s case, it’s the scraps of gold they throw to the public to keep the pot simmering.


Just for those of us who hoped Christopher McQuarrie could somehow be lured in to write and direct the next Bond…


Didn’t see that one coming. But, superb.

As to McQuarrie and Bond, looks like McQuarrie would be wrapped up with the two films by 2022. If Bond comes out every 3-4 years, at best, McQuarrie could still be in the frame from a purely timing perspective. Next Bond would be released circa 2024 which at the rate McQuarrie works, would give him plenty of time.

Anyway, I doubt it would ever happen, but the logistics, as they currently stand, would not prohibit.


They obviously want as many as possible before TC needs a zimmer


And if we’re to explore that timeframe, zimmer needs, I daresay Cruise could polish off another eight or nine Missions before that time comes.

This after Missions 7 & 8, and, in and amongst all his other work.