News on BOND 25


Rehearsals have begun!


A stuntman’s back is probably okay…if a cast member who they’d not announced yet was in the shot, i’m sure it’d be a very different story.


Is that Craig’s stunt double? Cause it sure looks like the back of his head.


Well, not official per se, but close enough. Our first pic from Bond 25. Roll on! :sunglasses:


SPOILER: Someone falls!



Well thanks for that. No sense in seeing the movie now. :roll_eyes:


I know right! It’s like knowing the truth about Bruce Willis before seeing The Sixth Sense!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What that he’s a horrible person (allegedly):roll_eyes:


Being grumpy after years in the studio system is probably a sign of sanity.


Joking aside, from now on, photos from on-set should go into the Spoilers thread, not this one.


So this is how it feels. It’s been so long…


This one -


It has been! I’ve forgotten that wonderful tingle one gets while awaiting that first bit of official news confirming locations, the cast and, best of all, the title. Just a few more weeks, I hope.


Anyone want to make bets on what’s announced next? Cast or title?


A delay!

Just kidding :smiley:


They must surely be out of disasters by now?!?!


Cast - after the Oscars…


I predict the next big announcement will be the date of the press conference where they’ll announce everything else.


I was actually going to ask/suggest that journalists usually get advanced notice of a press conference the size of the kick off of a Bond film. Shouldn’t there be a hint of that already, or was that the “expect a conference sometime in the last two weeks of February?”


For Spectre it was announced on Twitter 2 days before