News on BOND 25


Anyone want to make bets on what’s announced next? Cast or title?


A delay!

Just kidding :smiley:


They must surely be out of disasters by now?!?!


Cast - after the Oscars…


I predict the next big announcement will be the date of the press conference where they’ll announce everything else.


I was actually going to ask/suggest that journalists usually get advanced notice of a press conference the size of the kick off of a Bond film. Shouldn’t there be a hint of that already, or was that the “expect a conference sometime in the last two weeks of February?”


For Spectre it was announced on Twitter 2 days before


Such an invitation should drop any day now if the event will be held at the beginning of March. And it could/should be streamed live like they did with the PR event for SPECTRE.


Announced for the public. Journalists have to plan ahead.


I have absolutely no way of knowing of course, but my gut says that journalists find out the same time the rest of us do. You get mostly London based press going to these things so they don’t have far to go.

Let’s not forget too that the press conference for QoS happened a full month after shooting started…


If they have a title – which is by no means guaranteed at this stage – I suppose we could start hearing rumors in the next couple of weeks.


Beyond the Ice, surely… :slight_smile:


As SAF mentioned above, even jourmalists have to plan ahead. This isn’t politics, where announcements may come by surprise. This is entertainment, where they want to make sure that (especially in case of a Bond movie announcement) a large part of worldwide media outlets are present.


A point SAF already did a fine job making and I agree with him.


London journalists still have schedules and other stuff to attend to. So, there will be a heads up in advance. Soon.


Guys, I think you’re misreading what I meant by my posts, or I worded them poorly.

I never meant to say journalists find out 2 days before the event. My post about us finding out 2 days before the Spectre event was meant to be a completely unrelated thought.

I am not disagreeing with you…


Sorry, my last post got in with delayed and bad timing - it was not meant to grandstand.


What are the odds the title is Shatterhand?


It seems to me we had more “insight” to the last film at this juncture, enough that several of us correctly guessed the title. As much as Shatterhand would be an outstanding title, I just don’t feel like there is enough info to point in that direction. The only possiblility is if that character disguised themselves as someone of middle-eastern descent (the current rumors of a Rami Malek like character). I feel like we’ll get a more From Russia With Love type title, but I’m at a loss.


I think the Boyle-led project was going to be a FRWL-esque thriller. However, from the rumors we’ve gotten this time, it somewhat sounds like Spectre 2.0 (though we won’t know for sure until the official announcement, which is hopefully coming soon…). In the latter case, Shatterhand would probably be the title. However, if it were the former (which I’d prefer), it’s very unlikely.