News on BOND 25


It’s a much loved (edit: let’s say much used, whether you like that is obviously a personal thing) feature of modern cinema, DAD was just ahead of the curve.

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You laugh…it’s Easter eggs were not that films biggest crimes…


Not so much ‘news’ as a commentary on this possible development…


I’m afraid I’m not at all familiar with Phoebe Waller-Bridge or her work, but if others who have experienced her work are getting excited that she’s on board to give the script a bit of zest, then I’m all for it! :slightly_smiling_face:


She voiced the droid that Lando was ahem loving, in Solo. Still not sure how it works (nor does Daenerys Targaryen), but the droid insists it does.


This Waller-Bride angle - provided it really was just to polish up some dialogue* - reminds me of that other occasion a prestigious writer of renown was brought in: Simon Raven, who contributed limited but significant lines to OHMSS’ script.

And, according to Charles Helfenstein’s definite work on OHMSS’ making-of, that film’s script saw so many iterations, some of them going far into the realm of the grotesque, that BOND 25 may in the end show some similarities with its ancestor of 50 years ago…

*And further provided it happened in the first place, which we still have no confirmation for…


Oh wow…didn’t know that was her…great! :smile:


Could it be that Scott Burns did indeed have to leave his rewrite unfinished due to timing and, left hanging, Craig/BB turned to PWB, someone whom already works for BB, to get them out of the fix they’re left in.

In other words, she hasn’t been hired to metoo it, or Eve it up, or to ‘rewrite’ it, but simply to finish Burns’ rewrite as a favour (probably with notes from Burns on what he didn’t manage to get to). Of course anything else she might offer that punches it up will be gratefully received by the producers.

On a fun note, here’s a quiz from last nights evening standard; did these quotes come from bond or fleabag (I’m afraid I nerded out with 21 out of 21 :nerd_face: )

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I thought Fleabag was appalling. I saw all three hours of the first series thinking it would get better. I didn’t see anything even slightly amusing and I’m a massive comedy fan.


Different strokes for different folks :slight_smile:


I guess so too :slight_smile:


And the latest rumor listing of the day:


It appears the Mirror may be reading our forum musings…


They probably aped it from one of the many sites that’ve been running similar stories for some time.

Such as…

Though I’m sure they do check the fan sites for leaks and inspiration.


While EON will probably smile at all of those it would be just nice to quench our thirst for official news.

Of course, before the internet we never got more than some magazine clippings with the latest rumors - so that situation actually has not really changed, it just has gotten more nervous attention.

Then again, in the pre-internet days we could rely on getting a new Bond film much more regularly - so not having more info was not that troubling. Heck, we even got a title for the next film in the credits.

And maybe one could argue that things have changed now and carefully placed information actually will be more helpful than prolonged silence.

With April coming to a close at the end of next week I wonder if the shooting date will be postponed again. And the release date, too.


Here’s an odd one…

Waltz has been cast in Wes Anderson The French Dispatch, due 2020.

So I thought, oh, does that count him out of Bond 25. After some googling it appears the shoot wrapped in March, yet this month Waltz and Rupert Friend joined the cast.

So that’s reshoots with completely new characters, or new actors replacing others… and we think Bond 25 has problem!

Anyhow, I imagine such shoots will be relatively short and won’t prevent Waltz reprising Blofeld.


They probably only announced them after the film was shot. Thats being done a lot lately


Phoebe Waller-Bridge confirmed by Variety:


I think it should be pointed out to tabloids in HOW the information is given makes the exact same news move from “this seems like total bull” to “makes sense” - adding blatantly untrue things around it like being flown in for Craig’s approval when demanded it, and leaving out facts, like the producers of her one woman show being Bond’s lead producer and the films American distributor…